Returning to Harmony

“The soul wanted to know how it would be if the temperature (harmony) were to become separated—that is to say, divided, as heat and cold, moisture and dryness, hardness and softness, acridity and sweetness, bitterness and that which is sour; she wanted to taste these and the other qualities all in their separateness, although it had been prohibited to Adam by God” (J Boehme).

The double minded man cannot expect to receive anything from the Lord, James says. Herein lays many of our troubles. In the instant we see ourselves as apart from God the river dries up, so to speak, and all kinds of worries find a foothold in our soul. Through the Fall a new world opened up in Adam. He saw everything in differentiation, as everything was apart from each other. Where there once was oneness there was now apartness. The creation about which God said, “See, everything is good”, Adam saw fragmented and disharmonious. When good and evil opened up in man even God’s love was divided into love and wrath. But, wrath was in man himself and not in God. Sin and sins cannot exist in the realm of oneness. Those concepts only find meaning in a fragmented world under the dominion of the evil one.

Faith is our return to single-eye seeing. Faith is an ever expanding consciousness. Faith is also entering the paradox of seemingly being separate persons who receive from the Lord as the parable of the talents demonstrates. We receive by our word of faith. Our capability to receive determines the number of talents. The more we receive the more is attracted to us, as it were. “Our “growth” is really going from glory to glory in faith, each new “glory” being a “place” of faith you might say we have attained, a level so to speak. Once you begin operating on a new level all the benefits of that level are yours, and because of your abundance more is attracted to you or given to you” (Fred Pruitt). The faithless servant simply couldn’t believe in God’s infinite goodness and willingness to give. It was safer to remain in the wilderness than crossing the river, law was more attracting than freedom.

The faithful servant sees only God in all things and is thus a single minded man who can expect to receive exceedingly abundantly from the Lord.

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7 Responses to Returning to Harmony

  1. John C says:

    What clarity Ole, beautiful, thank you. I see you are getting into Boehme more these days. There is no end there once we dive into his Mind, eh? Ha. You said ‘faith is an ever expanding consciousness’. Yes yes, because….’of the in-crease of His govern-meAnt (in and over us) and of peace, there shall be no end’ (Is 9:7). Amen!

  2. Ole Henrik says:

    Thanks again, John! I was slightly depressed when I began writing, but I wrote myself happy. So happy you enjoyed it too. I read some Boehme now and then. More often lately, though. Found an extensive collection with quotes from his books on a site called scared texts. It is some occult dude who has made the collection, but that doesn’t bother me as long as the Spirit speaks to me. I like the way you present Is 9:7. Cool!

  3. John C says:


  4. Santi Satthanan says:

    So many times when I wonder about any scripture, not so long I often found the answer in your articles. And this is again. Thank you.

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