The Heavenly Cake

The preciousness of our humanity is vividly represented in those three men who visited Abraham in human forms. The triune fellowship visited in a fashion that could be comprehended by reason even though they are One which is beyond reason. The Divine humility is again demonstrated when those three willingly were served by Abraham as an image of how they would serve mankind in its redemption. By assuming human forms the trinity foreshadowed how it in the yet prophetic future would make itself known through man and express itself through humanity as you and I. In the fire of love the cake is baked which is mixed with the finest flour representing how we in Christ have become one in the trinity and always participating in its conversations and willing. The well kneaded dough is our humanity perfectly mixed with the Divinity so that no one ever will be able to separate us from our unity with God. When the cake is served no one knows where God begins and man ends. To partake from the cake is to partake from Christ’s body, the bread from above that quickens and refreshes. Kneaded into God we don’t know any other will than His will which motions us in freedom to be ourselves without fear or worry.

(See Genesis 18 – See also J. Boehme: Mystery Magnum, Part two Chapter 42

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2 Responses to The Heavenly Cake

  1. John C says:

    Ole, you are on quite a ‘revelation roll’ these days bro, ha, awesome. I had never quite seen it this clearly, thank you. Sorry to be so ‘active’ on your blog lately but we seem to be getting ‘linked up’ more and more in the Spirit and I can hardly resist responding in kind, hope you don’t mind.

    As I considered your post, suddenly Matt 13 came to mind, the shortest parable in which JC taught us saying ‘the kingdom of heaven is like a woman who places a bit of yeast (His Spirit in our humanity causing it to ‘rise’) in a three-part meal (body/soul/spirit) and when its done (fully baked, ie maturity) it (His Spirit) is permeated (mixed in) throughout the whole loaf’. Beautiful.

    Then I heard 1 Cor 5:7 saying ‘purge out the old leaven (nature, legalism, etc) that ye may be a (whole) new lump’. And ‘He would feed us with the finest of the wheat’ from Ps 81:6. Blessings!

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Last week was special. So much light and I still haven’t processed all of it. Please be so active as you please dear friend. Not always I can respond immediately, but I always read your comments immediately because they are so full of light and very encouraging.

      Your insight into that parable is awesome! New light to me! Thanks! Beautiful imagery!

      Yes, out with self-effort and legalism so that we can be a whole new lump. Great imagery again! Fed with the finest of wheat! What a blessing!

      Blessings to you too!!

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