The source is clean; the water streaming forth from the well is pure and fresh. The rivers of living water that presses upon us from the inside and which puts us into motion stem from our inner sanctuary where we are joined one spirit with the Lord. Those powerful stirrings and desires which burst forth are love and can only be love. They challenge and stretch us taking us in a continual whirlwind from outer to inner, from unbelief to faith, from appearances to fact.  Reason and emotions must bow to their insistence of being the truth. In the midst of seeming foolishness those desires demand righteous judgment and they adamantly refuse to be judged in accordance with appearances or feelings. From the center of those tensions light bursts forth in an ever increasing symphony of life.

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3 Responses to Tensions

  1. brian coatney says:

    I like this on the 7 spirits. I never get tired to them, for they are reminders that in God is the sea of freedom, all possibility, and stillness. Then comes movement, with tension of contracting and expanding, followed by the Cross, which is the rescue from collapse into hell and torment. Out of the Cross comes all the glory.

  2. brian coatney says:

    Fred keeps coming to mind. Fred can help on this.

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