The Treasure Hunters

Being a son of God means standing in the frontline of human liberation. It also means to be persecuted and ridiculed in the midst of peace. Each son is assigned different missions so that the body is whole and lacking in nothing. The commission each and every one of us is given is in perfect harmony with our inner consciousness of who we are and our drives and whatever we are geared towards.

Some in the body are given the task of leading their sisters and brothers into a larger understanding of who they are in Christ and have a special drive towards exploring the mystery, that is, Christ in you. They are willing to take great risks in their undertaking and are willing to stretch God’s grace beyond what is commonly recognized in the community of believers. Thus they will invariably face opposition from various holds on account of that their findings often challenge people’s inclination towards self preservation.

However, they cannot but speak about what they have seen and heard, and if they have gone to the extremes, which they often do, they are confident that the Spirit will correct their understanding if they have taken it too far. They are also well aware of that some of the things they are granted to see will perhaps in an early stage come out somewhat immature, but that is no problem to them since they acknowledge that an expansion of the consciousness will sometimes lead to slight misunderstandings. But, what they one day saw as in a glimpse will one day come out as fully matured knowledge edifying those who are in a position to and willing to receive.

To be taken beyond the letters of the Bible is what they desire and when God who is more than willing to share His secrets opens up their minds they become like small kids eagerly sharing the treasures from above hoping that someone will receive and eat the fresh manna from above.

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4 Responses to The Treasure Hunters

  1. Dan says:

    Absolutely! Confident, yes. Ole, you deftly nail what is true and real in this moment and every moment for so many of us who have been given to see and hear, and yet it’s true for all of us, even while while some may not yet see or hear, and perhaps they might even scoff at the idea of grace. God’s wise foolishness is far bigger than any ridicule. Since before the foundations of the world, the given and living ever present Word chose us (we did not choose Him), even while we were sinners … He was busy choosing and claiming us, leading us through the intended valleys of shadow that we might recognize Him, coming after us even as we went astray, coming forever after us that not one would be left apart. And that choosing, that giving up his life, His march into the darkness was to find us, that we might live, every one of us, and it is so for all He loves.. All of us. Any one there in “that day” who denies being represented as innocent by Him in this very day, where the Father judges all, are the ones who would not accept His own offering as sufficient, the ones who would try to justify themselves on their own merits… But .. Glory.. Ole, you already know those are included too. And our Father might say, I deeply believe He will joyfully say, “Well, just look at you! How I have waited for you! My precious child. I’m so glad you are here I can hardly tell you. I know what you have been through. Aren’t you just like I imagined you! I can’t wait to show you off to to all the others. Come on in here, we’re having a big party!”

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Wow, Dan! You are such a blessing! Thanks for such a wonderful and loving comment! Amen to everything and those last sentences spoke straight into my heart!

  2. Fred Pruitt says:

    This is wonderful Ole Henrik, and GREAT truth! Love it!

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