The Truth

Standing before Pilate Jesus said he had come to bear witness to the truth. Then Pilate posed the obvious question: What is truth? Jesus never answered him because there are no answers to that question. It was and still is the wrong question. Ever since the fall the question Pilate posed has haunted mankind. We have tried to answer it in every possible way from sex to complex theology. The answer continues to evade us until we pose the right question: Who is truth? Jesus came to bear witness to himself. He is the truth. He said: I am the way and the truth and the life. The startling fact is that every new creation is truth. You are truth. It doesn’t matter if our knowledge is wrong. We are still the truth. If our confession is contrary to who we are we are still the truth. In every now the Father recognizes us as the truth. It is an inescapable fact that every son is the truth on account of that the Father is truth. You want to know the truth? Behold yourself. You are it! And as we all know it is the truth that sets us free. There is nothing more freeing than recognizing Christ as us.

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6 Responses to The Truth

  1. Cindi Estep says:

    Indeed!!! Reflections of ONE another…..♥

  2. Patti Musick says:

    What I am realizing is as you say I may not feel like I am the truth but that doesn’t matter…I am the truth. I may not feel like I am whatever but God has the final say in me. It is hard to pull away from the seen which I think includes feelings. But the joy lies in knowing that for me…my feelings may be contrary but there is something much deeper. And I guess I would have to say Christ is the originator of my feelings too, even though it just seems like me. sometimes I go crazy because sometimes I still feel separate! AAAARG! Oh well, right? It’s all good!

    • Ole Henrik says:

      I guess I would have to say that He is the originator of everything in me, but I wrestle with the same thing now and then, it feels like me in the sense that I see separation. But thank God for the Spirit who pulls me back to union. I firmly believe that God desires to see us embrace ourselves as just me and walk in that reality without condemnation. Our problems arise when we face condemnation for who we are, and that is separation, because we then respond to this urge of bettering ourselves, as if that is possible. Thanks again, Patti, for a lovely comment from your heart!

      • Patti Musick says:

        You are so right and I have to say that I have ceased/am ceasing to face condemnation for who I am which is so freeing. I truly am becoming to accept that He is everything in me no matter what which is a leap of faith He has made. I think sometimes I expect to feel different but I’m glad it is this way. This is the better way…it is deeper and more intimate. It is a throwing of myself completely on Him…I guess it is eating from the Tree of Life! Thank you Ole…you do my heart good!

  3. Ole Henrik says:

    Likewise, Patti! You do my heart good too. You are a perpetual source of wisdom, transparency and love. I have also finally ceased to accept condemnation and have begun to accept myself in earnest even embracing what people would call my character flaws. In infinite wisdom He has made us to be who we are. He chose us, we didn’t chose Him. If I am good enough for Him then I am good enough for myself 🙂 I guess you are right concerning that tree. Blessings my friend!

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