Only One Reality

Every moment God with great expectation, joy and anticipation examines the seed of Christ planted in every man to see whether it has come to fruition, and to check out in which degree what He has planted is thriving and growing. What He is looking for is recognition.

Has His son discovered that he is a son? Has His son appropriated the faith that sees beyond appearances and recognizes Christ within? To recognize Christ as me has really nothing to do with change, which merely is a side-issue, but it has everything to do with self-acceptance.

Has my son finally accepted and approved himself as I have accepted and approved him since I find myself in him? Does he know that I perpetually recognize him as the son in whom I am well pleased?

Whenever (every new now) Christ who is our life appears we appear with Him in glory (Col 3:4).

The marvel is that Christ is fully formed within when we reach self-acceptance.

There exists only one reality – God’s reality as revealed in the Son. We first encounter it in shadows, parables and allegories. These outer forms are not the Son. The Son steps forward in our inner awareness when we recognize Him in faith and rest in self-acceptance.

“For us to be like Christ is the most natural state in which we can be” (Andre Rabe)

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