The Circuit Is Complete

It is James who writes that we do not have because we do not pray. James is a union man. So when he speaks about faith and prayer, and those two disciplines are closely linked together, it is always sharing from an awareness that see no separation.

The Bible isn’t so much James, Paul, Peter speaking to us, even thought we recognize their unique signatures, as it is the Spirit conveying eternal truths to us. And Spirit words can only be apprehended spiritually. So when the Spirit takes us beyond the words James penned down and explains them to us new dimensions open up in our awareness.

The one and only reason why we do not pray is that we do not have the necessary faith for what we want, because we think it is our wants we put into words. It is also equally true that when we pray from a separation perspective we don’t have because we sometimes doubt our motives and believe our prayers are selfish and that they originate in us. Thus we pray without boldness and perseverance.

What James says is that unsuccessful prayers are a result of us thinking it is we who are persuading God. But, it is the other way around. It is the Spirit who has put a want or a desire in our hearts and who persuades us to follow through by prayer. God wants our faith and faith only rises to authority and boldness when it is recognized as God’s faith and God’s persuasion in us.  So prayer begins in the Spirit, because we don’t know what to pray or how to pray. The circuit is complete when we send His prayers back to God. Prayer is thus God getting His mind through to us.

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8 Responses to The Circuit Is Complete

  1. DeeDee says:


  2. Ashley Hong says:


    Thanks for Sharing !

  3. John Craig says:

    Wonderful Ole, thanks. After His (and our) resurrection, Jesus told his disciples to ‘meet up with Him in Galilee’. The word Galilee literally means ‘the circuit’ (the lake is spring-fed underneath as I understand) and portrays the perpetual in & out flow of the Spirit, the constant rush and exchange of the living waters of His (kind & quality) of Life in us, then back out again to Him and others, ever-filling UP and so never running dry (or as John Wimber used to say, ‘we only get to keep what we give away’).

    So yes, I can see the prayer analogy as well. Thanks!

  4. Don Curtis says:

    Ole! What a great insight you shared. Keep it up my brother.

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