Eternal Realities

God is the only uncreated being in this universe, and everything proceeds from Him and is created by Him in love. Thus also our souls and our spirits are created in love by our Father. He who lets it rain upon both righteous and unrighteous is the upholder and sustainer of all life, and who breathes His life into our souls so that we have life. Jesus, who renounced to be equal with God (Phil 2:6), said a most startling thing about Himself: For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself (John 5:26). It is Peter who confirms that everyone born by the Spirit are partakers of divine nature.

This is a most curious paradox. We are definitely in a union with God as undergirded by Paul in many of his writings, and thus upheld by His life we express His eternal being. But at the same time Jesus’ words coupled with Peter’s statement more than alludes to that what once were created souls completely dependent on God to exist now have been granted to have life on their own as if they never had been created, but now are self-sustaining “life-giving” entities in the similitude of God, but without being God. This is definitely one of the miracles and mysteries of the new birth in Christ which makes us true sons and grants us to share in the triune fellowship between Father, Son and Spirit.

What does it mean that Jesus gave up His equality with God to become fully human? God has made us with our apparent shortcomings and weakness on purpose with infinite wisdom.  We were never meant to be perfect humans as religion defines this perfection to be. The magnificent fact is that we find our perfection as persons in the likeness of Jesus when we finally accept our humanity. The staggering fact is that the more truly human we become, the more the Spirit will shine through us.

When the religious masks fall people will be able to relate to us in a more genuine and deeper sense than before. Since we have the mind of Christ as it in greater measure is revealed to us we are meant to give up our striving to be equal with God, not least because this equality is gauged in accordance with outer behavioral patterns and because this idea about outer perfection led to Adam’s fall. This has staggering implications if we consider it is our task to become fully human and not fully divine or perfect.

One of the effects of the fall is that we began to see both good and evil, that is, a separated consciousness. Whilst in the garden Adam saw what God saw, namely that everything was very good in accordance with God’s word concerning His acts of creation. After eating of the three to knowledge of good and evil Adam not only saw double, that is, good and evil, he was also in a false union with the spirit of error who by his deception perpetuated the illusion about good and evil in man.

Jesus once exclaimed that there is only One who is good. Paul further informs us that He is all in all. He is the One who works everything after the council of His own will and who works everything together for good for those who love Him. He is the One who is beyond temptation and who sees with a single eye and thus sees only good as His plan of reconciliation unfolds in the realm of time.

It is said about Him that He creates evil, but it can only be seen as evil in the separated consciousness. The single eye merely sees it as apparent evil knowing it is good disguised as evil for the untrained eye. To be taken from seeing double to seeing single since we now have returned to the garden is what the Bible calls the renewal of the mind.

This separated consciousness which divides everything in good and evil has tricked us into searching for perfection apart from God. Every religious idea about perfection, change and betterment is fuelled by it. Most importantly, it has robbed from us our sense of being perfect humans in Christ. And it persuades us that we have to die to our self, wants and desires. Utterly dead in Christ there is nothing left for us to die to. It is in our resurrection that we find our lives again hidden in Christ. It is in Him that our souls and spirits have been granted to have life in themselves in union with God so that we in every moment only do as we see our Father is doing.

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2 Responses to Eternal Realities

  1. Fred Pruitt says:

    This is the best, Ole Henrik. You are touching “bottom,” the foundation. Praise the Lord!

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