Essence of His Essence

The essence of God is being. He perpetually is, and is forever God alone. As created beings it is in Him we move and have our being.  Meister Eckhart wrote: “What has no essence, does not exist. There is no creature that has essence, because the essence of all is in the presence of God. If God went out of the creatures even for a single moment, they would disappear into nothingness.” Since God is all in all, and all is in His presence He manifests and expresses Himself in everything created. We behold His essence in the calm of the sea, the ferocity of a tornado and the beauty of a flower, but neither of them is God.

The great mystery of the universe is that God has chosen to express His light-being – His essence – in man. The one who is joined one Spirit with Him is light, and nothing but light radiates from that person. In the same manner a person who is not taken over by God is darkness and can nothing but be darkness in everything. Hence we cannot judge according to the flesh, that is, outward appearances. We make spiritual judgments discerning spiritual realities.

When we received our new heart we became essence of His essence partaking in that same is-ness which is God. In order to see this with our inner eyes we are taken beyond sin, healing, grace, mercy and every other term after which we try to define our lives, God, and our relation to God. God’s intent and goal is to see us as fully conscious beings in freedom partaking in what we already are. We are talking about His quality of life which He has freely shared with us, and in Him there is only light so in Him we are elevated to express our sonship in light. In this light we are taken beyond sin and condemnation, because in the light of His being none of those make any sense or hold any power. To our great surprise we find that His light is life simply expressed in normal daily situations as us.

When He gave us our new heart it was a heart of His essence, thus making our new heart a trustworthy heart. We trust its inclinations in the same manner we trust God. In our former days when the great deception (Rev 12:9) blurred our sight we found it hard to trust ourselves and consequently hard to trust God in everything. In Him we are, and are everything, and thus everything is ours and we take no condemnation for our likes and dislikes. It is important to note that contrary to what New Age holds we are fully functional persons expressing our unique personality in everything.

To be part of His essence doesn’t mean that we are dissolved as beings and taken up in some impersonal nirvana. No! No! His essence is Person and Personality which foster free sons who chose, will, think, desire, love and give spontaneously in accordance with their essence, and can nothing but be in accordance with who they are.

Something new, something never fully seen before in the realm of time came into being when God fused and mixed Himself with man in Christ. When we mix sugar in hot water a new substance has been created. We can no longer distinguish between the water and the sugar because something new has come into being. “This we might call a “functioning oneness,” i.e., the creature in union with God, so that we call the creature in functioning oneness with God, God expressing as that creature. The creature (creation, nature, etc.) cannot be called God” (Fred Pruitt). Every metaphor we use in an attempt to explain this great mystery will never fully convey what is beyond reason.

“The passing life of the senses doesn’t lead to knowledge of what our Self is. When we clearly see what our Self is, then we shall truly know our Lord God in great joy.” (Julian of Norwich)

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4 Responses to Essence of His Essence

  1. John Craig says:

    ‘in those respects in which the soul is unlike God, it is unlike itself’.
    St. Bernard of Clairvaux, (1091-1153)

  2. A Little Drop says:

    Gandhi once said, “Every drop of water in the ocean shares in its glory, but is not the ocean”.

    We are in union with God through Christ, and we can see His Glory in everything, but only He alone has the Glory- it’s meant to be that way. In everything we are let God be glorified. Nothing less.

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