Fire of His Fire

When Jesus, with a word, calmed the storm He never said that there was something wrong with the storm. Likewise when our emotions play havoc with us and we believe them to be messengers of impending disaster Christ is at ease at our center, content and resting. He is the One who speaks stillness and rest into our souls.  Assuredly, there is nothing wrong with our emotions. They are merely a storm on the sea, but they scare us and as the word says: “They (the disciples) feared exceedingly.” As Jesus pointed out; the storm wasn’t the problem. The problem was the disciples’ faith. In faith we thus can embrace our emotions and our souls. The storm/weather is only doing what it was created to do, just as our souls and emotions are doing what they were created to do.

God isn’t a sterile, well-behaved ‘nice boy’ in heaven. Our God is a “dangerous” God, and creating man was like “playing” with fire since man is fire of His fire. The word also says “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God”. That’s union! That is us becoming awestruck when we truly see Him as living and moving and having His Being as us! His self-fire is desire and consequently passion, and when we “taste” His passion in our souls coming through our emotions we get to “know” what it means that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Our Father is also a safe God resting in our core always at ease with any circumstance because He knows He can handle it, and so can we, Jesus says. Just have faith. When the storm has accomplished what it was sent to do we will have learned something about ourselves and God.

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