Everything Made Right (3 in 1)

To the Pure All Things Are Pure

To the pure, all things are pure, Paul wrote to Titus. All of us have been deceived into thinking that love, faith, light etc are principles or capacities we as human-beings can apply whenever the need for one of those qualities arises. That exact same deception has also made us believe that righteousness, holiness etc are solely tied to behavior patterns. Deception always leads to confusion and confusion to insecurity. The simplicity of it all is that this universe is upheld by a Person who cannot lie and who is love, thus making this a safe universe. That Person is all those things we have mentioned so far. In the moment we see this we move away from principles to Person. A question that naturally arises in this context is what does love look like? Where can we catch a glimpse of the light Jesus was speaking about? What qualities does this union life with God have? The answer is surprisingly straight forward. You are the image, you are the model. You are all those things because Person lives in you. We can easily agree upon that we are not principles. It demands, however, a greater leap of faith to see that we are now the life, the love and the light, and, moreover, righteous and holy because of Person. This is the foundation for Paul’s conviction that to the pure, all things are pure.

Active Inclusion

Not a single one of us is here by accident. We are not a result of random processes in a universe out of control. It was so far from God to be a God without us as east is from west. Before the time continuum was set in motion He envisioned a continuous expansion of the Triune circle of life crowded with safe sons, each of them enriching the heavenly sphere with their unique expression. This is not a chain of events that will see its fulfillment in a remote future shrouded in mystery. No! Today is the day of salvation. Today we participate in this eternal torrent of abundant life and influence events, some of which not yet are manifested in the temporal, but when appearing are marked with our individual fingerprints. In the midst of all this we are confronted with the Spirit, Son and Father who are all things and need nothing, but can noting but share because inclusion forever and ever is the language of love. This great, daring and magnificent scheme is made viable and successful by the Spirit’s mighty and magnificent work in every son of God.

Everything Made Right

God can only manifest Himself as a perfect expression of Himself in human beings, and by that making those who receive Him perfect versions of themselves. In that sense God is not a giver, but an Is-er, living as us.

God is willing to shake your world, your outlook, your ideas about right living, what you think sin is until this is settled in your consciousness and all you can see is He as you.

The simplicity of the gospel is as follows: God is right living and righteousness. Satan is the opposite, including sin. Indwelt by and manifesting the former makes everything right. Indwelt by and manifesting the latter makes everything wrong. This revelation is the final liberating push into total freedom as redeemed persons.

We know God insofar we know that He lives in us, and we cannot know Him fully in any other way. Who dare to believe we are the Deity manifesting Himself in our eternal cooperating forms thus making everything about us right?

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