It Is About Time

Now and then we will be challenged by a most specific question: “What do you want?” It is not an arbitrary or haphazardly posed question. It is a most crucial question asked by the eternal Spirit of goodness. There are several reasons for why we are confronted with such a question. Firstly, do you know that you have life in yourself; that you are a person derived from the Person and that persons make choices? Secondly, do you know that you are a safe person because you are in an eternal union with your Father so that those desires which well up in you are safe wants? How will you respond to the challenge set forth by our Father? Will you say that you don’t know what His will for you is, and that you need to ask Him first or search the heavens for what He wants on your behalf? But, that was not the question posed, was it? What do you want? Isn’t there a challenge in that question to step forward and assert yourself as a free, safe person? It is about time, isn’t it? To take that final leap of faith and walk as YOU knowing that as He is so are you in this world? The question signals that the time has come!

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2 Responses to It Is About Time

  1. Brian Coatney says:

    I like this theme. It’s like one of my favorites: ask, seek, knock. I love that because the questions causes one to probe, and I like probing. Good things pop up.

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