Walking the Way

It is much more possible for the Sun to give forth Darkness, than for God to do, or be, or give forth anything but Blessing and Goodness (William Law).

Our Father is an eternal source of goodness and can give forth nothing but what is in Him or what He is. Everything created was brought into existence on account of the immutable Father’s desire to all goodness, to see life and happiness spring forth wherever His good gifts are accepted and embraced in the likeness of flowers and sparrows, that is, effortlessly, natural and spontaneously. The creation of man and the universe have not added anything to His being nor have taken anything from Him. Neither did the fall change His heart toward man and His creation.

The Son was our Father’s extravagant and sumptuous gift prepared before the foundation of the earth to every man who would receive Him and His abundant life in themselves. In so doing the Spirit of goodness would saturate that man so that his heart, soul, spirit and reason would lack nothing and thus perfectly and wholly express and manifest the God of all goodness in everything he is.

Our Father can nothing but give gifts of goodness and His great desire is to see every man come to Him for life and partake in His eternal divine nature. The Spirit of goodness who cannot contradict His desire to bless works mightily in every man who has accepted Christ so that Christ’s own radiant life can be experimental and not mere abstractions and thus become the playground of reason alone.

From the depths of our being faith and revelation well forth in accordance with our Father’s desire to bless and reveal His Son in us. Man stands apart from flowers and sparrows in that he can dismiss whatever the Father wants to give him in goodness and love so that the life he already possesses as a new creation remains hidden to him and Christ will not benefit him. But at the same time our obedience of faith and our sense of union and understanding of Christ living as us can go no further than what has been shown us by the Spirit of all goodness.

The pinnacle of this eternal torrent of revelation is when we see that we have life in ourselves and thus willingly answer the call and become co-operators of this universe as co-heirs, co-saviours and co-intercessors with the God of all goodness and blessings, and, further on, see that we cannot but bring forth rivers of blessings from our innermost being. Jesus is the way and we walk that road as Him as a continuance of what He began when the universe resounded with “it is finished”. That same Spirit of goodness who taught, governed and led Jesus of Nazareth is now at work in us to fulfill by us the Father’s eternal purposes of blessings and goodness. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our Elder brother working side by side with Him and WE are NOW the doers, not in separation, but in an eternal union with the Living God.

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2 Responses to Walking the Way

  1. Stephen from Texas says:

    Ole: From your article: “the Spirit of goodness would saturate that man”. I like that word you used: saturate. It better describes my union and life in Christ, it is much more than just being a container. I, as a living person, am completely saturated, soaked through and through with all of Christ right now. All that is left for me is: Do I believe this? Well, not by appearances alone I don’t. It can only be by faith that I say Yes, this is true of ME now! What a life we have. Thank you for your insights.

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Thanks Stephen for you quickening comment! Soaked through and through and we recognize this amazing fact by faith. What a life we have 🙂

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