Let Him Go!

John, the mystic of the gospel authors, writes in his gospel that “of his fullness have all we received, and grace for grace.” Concerning what John deals with here erroneous teachings abound and we have been given the impression that God takes us through a variety of processes before we can partake of His fullness. Or even, worse, we are responsible to press on in order to receive His grace and fullness. John’s teaching on the matter plainly opposes those who propagate such perspectives. We have all, without exception, received of His fullness, is his stance. Paul and many others ratify John’s claim in their epistles where they gloriously expound on our perfection and completeness.

What is lagging behind is not that we are not there, because we are there whatever we define that to be; father, faith, freedom, co-heir, rest or having the mind of Christ, because Christ in us is all those things. It is our understanding, knowledge or awareness the Spirit aligns with what already is, and it is those parts of our human makeup which perfectly are taken through the three stages John in his first epistle terms childhood, adolescence and fatherhood . It wasn’t a process that raised Lazarus from death. In an instant he received himself back and was translated from darkness to light coming out of the grave complete and whole. The only issue, according to Jesus, was Lazarus’ grave clothes, that is, how he perceived himself in the aftermath of the miracle. “Loose him and let him go”, is one of the most poignant utterances in the entire Bible. Jesus spoke those exact same words over you when you as in a miracle received God’s fullness of life. “Let her go!” “Let him go!”

“Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?”

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