5 in 1! Can That Be? Seems So…

Love God And Do What You Like

“Love God, and do what you like.” (St Augustine) We are deceived into thinking that we always must watch ourselves or else we might fall back into our old flesh ways. We who know who we are shout a resounding NO to such an assumption. Whenever we do as we like we are on safe ground because what we like is His will and ways. He has taken us over in perfection and dressed us in His nature. Consequently, we are completely free to be. If He has found me good enough to dwell in and express Himself through then I am free to enjoy and like myself too. Romans 7:17 makes it plain I never was a bad self nor a good self. I can therefore fully accept myself and my likings and ways on account of that as a created being who has received Christ I am an expression of a God. This change of owner means change of motivation and change of aspirations. Now taken over by God I think my thoughts, make my choices and live my life as right, not wrong. After walking through the Gal 2:20 gateway I am no longer under constant questioning and suspicion. I accept myself as a right self and thus love God, and do what I like.

The Obedience of Faith

O Lord, you will ordain peace for us, for you have indeed done for us all our works (Isa 26:12). Life is really quite simple. God does the work, in fact all of our works. “God works in me to will and do of His good pleasure”, Paul said. Seems like I do not will and do much either. Then we have Ezekiel who said that when God puts His Spirit in us He causes us to walk in His ways. He just pushes us along, if you catch my drift. I on my part thus try to avoid doing anything unless He makes me. You see, when this is my attitude I am being obedient. Remember there is only one obedience in the Bible, the obedience of faith.

It Is A Done Deal

May God himself, the God who makes everything holy and whole, make you holy and whole, put you together—spirit, soul, and body—and keep you fit for the coming of our Master, Jesus Christ. The One who called you is completely dependable. If he said it, he’ll do it! (1 Thess 5:23-24 MSG).

My word of faith is that this is a done deal, He has done it. There isn’t one thing about me that isn’t outstanding. I am beautiful to Him. My emotions, my reason, my body, my heart, all are beautiful. I am His letter signed and sealed by Himself.

Fully Known

As I am taken further and further into the boundless abyss of freedom in God it becomes strikingly clear to me that I cannot instruct others how to lead their lives, how to act or how to worship God, that is, display the love He has shed abroad in their hearts. It has become utterly impossible for me to judge in accordance with appearances or according to the flesh save to declare innocence to every man in Christ. Pulled into the endless and radiating freedom by the Spirit and in vibrant expectation earnestly responding to His call we are as in a mystery transformed into that freedom. By faith entering that divine gate we recognize that we are God’s freedom and not least God’s love which works only in freedom. It thus falls natural for us to offer that freedom we have entered to all men by simply let them be in their own God-given uniqueness respecting and adoring Christ in them. It is by His energy that He powerfully works within me I call everyone who wills to enter His infinite and glorious freedom in Christ so that they can come to fully know themselves as they are fully known.

Finally, Home!

Almost daily a battle is fought in my mind. There is a lot on stake, amongst other things my freedom as a person. Thoughts that come against me assert things like: “You shouldn’t have done that, you published that note prematurely, how could say that?, you are procrastinating again, don’t you have better things to do than spending so many hours in front of the computer?” Of course, those thoughts are very disconcerting and they disrupt my equilibrium. A sense of failure, insecurity and futility follow in their wake as they suggest that I am a person doing stuff independently from God. There is only one solution to my predicament. I continue to affirm that I do only what I see my Father is doing. In that instant the inner turmoil abates and peace of mind is restored.

In a sense life was simpler and more predictable when I walked in the desert and was led by the pillars. I found some sort of security in navigating after those external beacons, that is, the law. However, I wasn’t designed to live in that environment. Crossing the river was a natural consequence of the unhappiness and impatience which the aridness of the desert evoked in me. There were, however, no pillars to lead me in the Promised Land. Only faith. The kind of faith that defiantly states that I am one with God and that I do only what I see my Father is doing. The only way to get settled in such an inner awareness, which is imperative in new and unknown territory, is by relevant practice. In other words those thoughts, or temptations if you like, are the sparring partners which train me to become persistent and safe in the country of which I belong. Once settled I wouldn’t trade the beauty and lushness I find here against anything. No way!

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2 Responses to 5 in 1! Can That Be? Seems So…

  1. Fred Pruitt says:

    As we Americans say, “‘Nuff said, this is it!”

    • Ole Henrik says:

      From the Urban Dictionary; Nuff said = Enough said. YOU DONT NEED MORE!!! (Not my capitalization…) Thanks for your comment, Fred 🙂

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