The Triune Infatuation

Infatuation is not a mere human feeling or state of mind. Those powerful emotions that sweep over us, take our breath away and leave us in a state of blissful happiness and exhilaration originate in the Father, Son and Spirit’s heart. The insanely powerful attraction aroused by the infatuation keeps our and our Father’s attention and gaze perpetually and irrevocably fixed towards another. In our inner world our beloved one is wrapped with the mantle of love and found utterly irresistible. Whenever those emotions play up and ignite our inner firework it is a reminder of the Triune affection and devotion which in all eternity pour out the Father’s heart and embrace all creation.

The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. We love with His love, our attractions are His attractions. The beauty that flashes up and colors our inner man can but originate in the Heavenly realm, and thus we love with His love feeling as it is our love. It is a matter of fact that every good thing comes from above, and we are caught in this torrent of love and blessings from the unbound source of all goodness and through and as us every blessing from above is manifested as it originated in us.

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