The Spirit of Love

I have for several days felt called to expound on the most delightful and blissful subject in the world, to rejoice in my Father whose immeasurable Being is an infinity of mere love, a never-ceasing and forever  overflowing cascade of humbleness, sweetness, enjoyment, blessings, goodness, patience, mercy and grace. We are swallowed up in those blessed streams breaking out of the Heavenly Realm of universal love from the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; a Triune infinity of love and goodness, for ever and ever giving forth nothing but gifts of light and love, of blessing and joy.

To this end was everything created, to receive the hidden riches of glory and love of the unsearchable God so that His abundant goodness could be become visible, sensible and manifest in and by His creation. The infinite variety in nature testifies to the Father’s manifold blessings and bears witness to the Triune joy and bliss in which image everything is created.

Every creature, everything in nature, every man was given existence to freely receive and share in the love, happiness and goodness of the Deity. From eternity to eternity His uninhibited will is to communicate love and peace. He cannot be anything else than an ocean of love and intends nothing towards His creation save all goodness, in them and by them, because He can be nothing toward the creature but that which He is, an unchangeable disposition of love and kindness.

Whether we consider happiness, perfection, bliss or delight, it is all in the immutable Father, because the infinitely perfect and happy God is mere love, an unchangeable will to all goodness. No word, no sensation, no exposition can ever overstate or go beyond the limits of the Father’s infinite love which He yearns to reveal to everything created and into which He calls every man to freely partake.

(Inspired by William Law; The Spirit of Love)

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1 Response to The Spirit of Love

  1. Ole Henrik says:

    Writing this one moistened my eyes. Not often I experience that while writing.

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