God Is Not Ashamed To Be Called Their God

The startling miracle is that God is wholly pleased by leading an ordinary life in common people. Who among man could have imagined that the Creator of the expanses and the minutest particles finds genuine happiness in beholding His creation through our eyes? We look at our lives and often wonder: Is this all there is? God on the other hand exclaims: So much beauty! Then He adds: It is very good! How can He say such a thing? We know He made this statement even before the Fall. What is it he sees that evades us? It must be that even before the foundation of the earth He saw how everything would work towards good. It must be because He sees how His master plan is unfolding and developing on every level in the creation. May He open our eyes so we see what He sees, Paul prayed. In other words seeing comes by revelation and not knowledge, but revelation is transformed into knowledge as we all know. We know that we know that we know, but that knowing wasn’t there until a door was opened in our consciousness.

It was God’s desire to propagate Himself in the many sons through His Son – the one seed becoming a multitude of seeds.  So here we are a host of seeds not fathoming that we are seeds of the One seed. We look at our lives and wonder how God can thrive in so much triviality and commonness. Those sentiments must have gripped Eve’s heart too. As so many others that would follow she found consolation in religion – the crutch we rely on when we want to garnish and adorn our exteriors. Paul found it prudent and necessary to remind the Galatians that the law is not of faith. The oddity of faith is that it asserts that commonness is life whereas those systems which promise elevation to a new level of God-likeness are death. Those faith heroes mentioned in Hebrews 11 believed against appearances. They failed, they stumbled in weakness, they were persecuted and they went through various trails, and as us they were tempted to look at their lives and think: Is this all there is? They could have resorted to the tree of knowledge of good and evil for answers, but they didn’t. In their desire for a better country, a heavenly, they believed against appearances. They were often tempted to return to the country whence they came out, the land of appearances, but they had set their eyes like flint towards the new city. Hence the record states: God is not ashamed to be called their God.

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9 Responses to God Is Not Ashamed To Be Called Their God

  1. Brian Coatney says:

    Wow, I just absolutely love this!

  2. Fred Pruitt says:

    I have the same reaction as Brian. This is beautiful Ole Henrik. Just beautiful. I was thinking along those lines one day this week. I went out to go somewhere, the store most likely. Our driveway is behind and above our house, so it is a flight of stairs onto the alley and a good walk. Our house is surrounded by large oak trees as well as other kinds of large hardwoods. We are on a slope, the side of a small mountain, so that the back of our house slopes upward mostly forest, pines, dogwoods, wisteria (lilac), vines, bushes, etc. I always enjoy just the walk up to the car or the mailbox and behold all that in wonder just for a few moments. But it has been overcast now for several days, and all this spring splendor is somewhat muted in gray light. I have appreciated the overcast for what it is, but I so long to see the color. The colors without bright sunlight seem washed out. You know the color is there, your brain tries to compensate the best it can, but still it leaves me longing. This day I was thinking about that and I realized something that surely I have realized before, but it is always nice when it comes again. I realized that the color is there, and the only difference in my sight had to do with the quality of the light coming in. Gray light is diffused sunshine — same sunshine but distributed through water molecules into a dullness and lack of clarity. Ever try to focus better in gray light? To me things are fuzzy, having no clear definition. Oh, but bring in the sun in its full glory! The colors vibrate, they pulse, they celebrate joy joy joy, the Light is come! Here the light is pure and unhampered, unaffected by humidity above, bringing everything into its true hue, clear as a bell like looking into a clean mountain stream all the way to the bottom. Now we can clearly see this is how it is in the Spirit. The abundance of pure light comes from singleness, and when it comes that way, there is no doubt as to its purity or credibility. The proof is in its pudding, the pudding being the entire landscape inward and outward having been flooded with light, which brings out nothing but praise and thanksgiving. Just on a walk up to check the mailbox. As you said above, Ole Henrik, God delights in living our common lives and beholding His creation through our eyes, and pronounces it good. “If thine eye be single, having no part dark, then thy whole body shall be filled with light.” Amen.

  3. Ole Henrik says:

    What a stupendously gifted poet you are, Fred! You paint the most exquisite paintings with words which come alive in our imagination and speaks truth and light to every man who has ears to hear. Thanks for giving my spirit food this evening, dear friend!

  4. I Prayed For Boldness and Was Not Disappointed says:

    “God is not ashamed of being called their God”.
    And, I am not ashamed to be called a “son” of God.
    I am not ashamed of taking my rightful place as a co-heir in His Kingdom.
    I am not ashamed of receiving the gift of eternal life through His Son.
    I am not ashamed of knowing that my sins have been forgiven.
    I am not ashamed of calling Him mine.
    Me. This common little mustard seed.

    Hey, is this Haiku? 🙂

  5. Mary says:

    I am so truly blessed to find your site today… I just got done posting a comment on FB about God is not ashamed of loving me and I am not ashamed to say I love Him…. I will say I have had a lot of rejection in my life .. and knowing that I love a God who loves me back is over the top goooood ……… I am so looking forward to looking at more of your postings… I feel I will get a lot of freedom as I allow the Lord to speak to me as I read your wonderful words on this site………. I thank the Lord for finding you today : )

  6. Ole Henrik says:

    Dear Mary! What a delight to meet you here! I am super happy that what I have been given to pen down speaks freedom and love to you. Thanks for your encouraging and edifying comment!

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