Esau and Jacob

So you thought God would have nothing to do with you because of your soul reactions? You might even have thought that when you were down it was an unmistakable sign that God had withdrawn from you, and when you were sparkling it was because He had drawn near to you. Perhaps you now and then or perhaps quite often despise yourself because you are overweight or don’t feel very attractive. Do you know what all those exterior things are? Do you remember hairy Esau who sold his birthright for a meal and his fair brother Jacob? In a sense we are both Esau and Jacob.  In the natural they were twins connected at birth in the same manner as we are born with soul and spirit. Our soul and its display of emotions and reactions might seem coarse and hairy to us, but from our inner calm center where we just know that we know Jacob’s fair voice is heard by the Father and blessed. You are, Jacob, the redeemed one and it seems to you like you have to drag along with this unruly and often so offensive Esau your entire life. Well, the plain fact is that you have to. They are forever twins both blessed in the one. Your soul is designed to respond to life’s many facets. It is just as much you as your spirit. But, you see even if you look like Esau your inner voice, Jacob, speaks for you and it speaks louder than your twin brother. It might not always feel like that’s the case, but you always return to the center, don’t you? To the place where you simply know. Don’t be afraid of yourself anymore. Light shines unimpeded from darkness. Every negative in your life the Spirit uses to bring life to others. The Spirit flows nicely from us whether we are down or rejoicing. That’s all we need to know.

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6 Responses to Esau and Jacob

  1. Lani says:

    Good one!! While none of of those exterior actions or feelings are necessarily bad, it is also not necessarily going to do anything good at all for anyone spiritually. The major failure of operating out of our flesh, is that it approaches our relationship with the Father from the outside in. Never looked at the connection of Esau and Jacob that way but it is a valid point that I bet many wrestle with. The Father only shines through us when the work is done on the inside out vs. the outside in. The inner work then produces a change IN us that is reflected finally in what we do and how we feel in the external world. Trying to produce a change in us through the outside in, is like trying to push a string. Thanks for getting my Spirit stimulated first thing in the morning!!

  2. Mary Dickson says:

    wonderful!!!!!!!!! thank you……..

  3. John Craig says:

    Thanks Ole, one of my fav’s. I have always heard it like this: Isaac (Esau & Jacobs father) represents Christ in us (the spiritual Son that we could not give ‘birth’ to ourselves in our own efforts in the flesh so we wait on God’s promise to reproduce His kind & quality of spiritual life/nature in us) and Abraham represents God the Father. When Isaac (when we receive/recognize Christ) is finally born in us we yet find that we still have two natures in our inner man (womb/soul) but not really, it just ‘appears’ that way to us in our infancy, that we are still fleshly/hairy/natural man Esau who represents the old flesh man & Jacob the new spiritual man who was born ‘second’, ie the first (nature/son/identity) shall be last and the last (nature/son/identity) shall be first meaning shall overtake and assume the ascendent place/Head in us) each vying for our allegiance, our identitification with him.

    But only Jacob (the new man) ever has the potential to be transformed into an Israel (meaning one who strives/walks with God) and so must endure a ‘night season’ of wrestling (with these two identities/natures/with God) until he is transformed, his name (nature) is changed, etc. Eventually, after many skirmishes from ‘birth’ the two (natures/identities in us) must finally reconcile, peace must be made. Jacob & Esau is our story exactly.

    God identifies Himself as the ‘God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob’ and JC said that we’d see those three ‘reclined/resting’ in the kingdom of God. Abraham represents God the Father, Isaac God the Son and Jacob the man in the image of God, ie us once Christ (His nature) has been formed in us.

    Sorry so long, love the symbolism in this beautiful story, blessings.

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