The Law of Motion

Sir Isaac Newton, the great English physicist, stated that an object would remain at rest forever unless some other force acted upon it. If we apply this principle to our human condition it is evident that our great problem as human beings is that we attempt to act with our own forces upon ourselves in order to create some sort of motion. This is as much an impossibility in the spiritual sphere as it is in the natural sphere where the laws of physics apply. It was those natural laws Newton to a certain degree mapped. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to us that the laws of physics merely mirror the heavenly laws or are shadows of those laws.

Our attempts to create motion are hence futile and void. An object cannot create its own motion. It has to be acted upon. Jesus thus called our efforts nothing. They are nothing, because they achieve nothing. An illusion of movement is created in the consciousness by our efforts, but it is not genuine motion. This illusionary motion is what we call independent self. In order to come to ourselves and cease struggling we have to be “dashed to pieces on the rocks of our everyday lives” as Fred Pruitt so eloquently puts it.

The Biblical term rest pertains to that the object (of course, we are not mere objects, but for the sake of illustration we will use the term) ceases from those futile efforts to generate some sort of motion. When we cease from our own efforts we discover that we have to be acted upon for movement to be generated. This discovery or revelation means that we have reached equilibrium or harmony in our consciousnesses. We recognize that whenever we are put into motion it is by Another. Without me you can do nothing, Jesus said. To have reached this equilibrium in our consciousnesses further connotes that we are forever tossed into a whirlwind of action and life, because God is an eternal fire of movement caused by His desires which forever are an outgoing light of blessings and love.

To be put in motion by Another is what we call self-for-others-love. We cannot help it, but we have become manifestors of the only Person in the universe (Christ is formed in us), and He is love and nothing but love. This is heaven manifested on earth and it is manifested as us. The incarnation means that God has stepped down and become us. Equilibrium is the stage where the One is fully developed and has become a mature man acknowledging that God is All in All. Fred Pruitt says: “We no longer look to God, but out from God.”

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10 Responses to The Law of Motion

  1. PAM TORRES says:


  2. Joy King says:

    What futility to try and move in and of myself. I know this; have experienced the frustration and confusion of this pride. What beautiful, unveiled rest is mine now, as it is by Another I am moved.

  3. Tony says:

    Have you ever been in a dream state trying to wake up? You feel yourself moving, your arms, your legs, you’re opening your mouth to try to talk and get someone’s attention but you can’t. And you realize in the dream that you’re not actually moving. I usually don’t wake up until I stop struggling. When relax I am released to move, and awake. Great article Ole.

  4. Pneuma Inspiro says:

    Well, Ole, once again, you are catalyzing a spiritual reaction in us!

    Paul said in Acts 17 to the Athenians: “God did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us. For IN him we live and MOVE and have our being.” AMEN ! Paul was a physicist!

    Now, while we’re on the subject of Physics, look up “Harmonic Resonance” and contemplate the spiritual implications- you will be blessed!

  5. Unison Octavius says:

    Indeed, my friend- an instrument in the hands of the Master makes beautiful music for all to hear. And that’s what we were designed to be:)

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