Eternal Life

What is eternal life? Is it difficult to attain? Is it for everyone or only for a handful selected? Jesus said: “And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent” (John 17:7). Eternal life is a relationship. The creation story gives some background on how this relationship acts out. The same God who walked amongst Eve and Adam in the Garden desires to walk in the midst of our lives. When He stooped down to save us out of the treacherous darkness that surrounded us his sole intention was to restore that precious relationship to its intended glory. When Adam fell he was met with the same God who exuded the same unyielding divine determination to bless as when He birthed the universe.  Before the foundation of the earth the Father, Son and Spirit desired to share their quality of life with man, a being created in their likeness.  The joy, fellowship and adoration which flowed freely between the members of the Trinity the Father, Son and Spirit determinedly wanted to share with human beings. We have been included in His divine thoughts and plans from before the foundation of the earth.  To know God and Jesus Christ is to be included in a relationship that is eternal. Unbridled life, purity, peace and fellowship are prominent features of this marvelous liaison. This is the abundant life which originates in the Father. And the Father who shows no partiality has embraced every man in Christ. The light has come and it is already shining. The light isn’t merely revelations with facts about God. The light tells us about God Himself. We are known by God and for us to be safe members of the Triune fellowship it is vital that we know God, who He is and how He perceive His highly beloved and favored children. The kingdom we inhabit is about the sheer life and joy, the overwhelming peace and goodness, the amazing love and abounding camaraderie of the Father, Son and Spirit who have descended in Jesus Christ in order to abide in us and personally express themselves in each and every one of us. Salvation, justification, righteousness, joy, peace and every other feature pertaining to the kingdom are mere abstractions outside Christ. It is in Him that every glorious truth finds definition and substance.

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3 Responses to Eternal Life

  1. Ole Henrik says:

    While I wrote this post I found great pleasure in fashioning sentences which say something about God’s magnificent love. However, the article merely scratches the surface of something which is far more profound. I say that eternal life is a relationship. In one sense that is true, but in another sense it is not, because eternal life in reality is a person. The article thus gives a sense of separation, God over there and I here, when the opposite is the actual reality. We are one, so when Person fills our vessels we are eternal life and can say “I am who I am”. We are not He, but He is us. Some of us are beginning to see that there is only one Person in the universe. He has stepped down in human consciousness, so the paradox is that we don’t look to Him, but out from Him, as a friend of mine put it. All of us are taken to this place where we one day see that He is all in all.

  2. Tim in Alaska says:

    Ole, your Joy is contagious- Thank you; or, should I say, “Thank God in you!”

    Now, look up “Acoustic Resonance” and it will all make sense!

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