The Wedding Table

I shouldn’t come as a great surprise that those of us who are exploring the heights, depths and widths of God’s love are called heretics. Jesus who personified God’s heart, intentions and purposes had to carry the same label. Since we are in such company we freely let us propel further and further into this great mystery which His love constitutes.

To explore His love is the same thing as inspecting the wedding table. With great delight we examine the opulence and pomp which our Father has lavished upon us. There seems no end to the dishes which are meticulously prepared in the heavenly realm. To our relief and great joy we cannot find any signs with cautions warning: Do not touch! Do not taste!

We have even found our chair. Astonished, we discover that we are placed between the Father and Jesus. This discovery causes a well of feelings to surge through us. We are both elated and feel honored, and at the same time a bit embarrassed. You perhaps had no idea that both eagerly want to strike a conversation with you. Perhaps you think: Who me? Boring, grey, dull little me? Those notions are swiftly washed away when you look into their faces and only find interest and kindness.

While we explore the wedding table and bask and revel in our discoveries others are still under the table only getting the crumbs that are falling off the table. Many do not know that there exists a table. Others are too preoccupied with making drawings of a table they have never seen. What is common for the two groups is that they think that the crumbs are a part of them, that those good things somehow originate in them. They do not grasp that every good gift comes from above, that there is only one who is good and who freely shares His life with man.

Jesus once encountered a woman who wasn’t satisfied with just receiving crumbs from the table. (Matt 15:21-28) He said to her: Great is your faith! Then: Be it done for you as you desire. In other words: Join the party and feast off the table!

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13 Responses to The Wedding Table

  1. Hi Ole, this is fragrant. It reminds me of the soft and gentle tones in Julian of Norwich. Soft and gentle, though, do not, as you say, imply forbidden or inhibited. How is it that love is so powerful, yet so available as to be the one next to us at dinner? Yours is lovely.

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Hi Brian! I have never read Julian of Norwich. Is it a classic or one of the old mystics? Soft and gentle, that spoke to me. Love is wonderful – it has changed everything in my life from how I perceive myself to how I perceive God. Life is good! Thanks for your soft and gentle comment. You speak out of the heart of God.

  2. Hi Ole, Lady Julian was a little cloistered velvet majesty in the 14th century. Some have done various collections of her in the form of “Daily Readings.” What I especially like in her and in your writings is the beauty of the one and the many. We are at ease with the Big Elohim, and then the born again elohim, small e, but still elohim. You describe the family table of love so well.

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Thanks! I’ll see if I can order a copy of those daily writings somewhere. Thanks for your answer and always kind words. I am so encouraged when I in an almost palpable way can sense the camaraderie, love and passion that is typical for the Triune fellowship flow so freely between us humans. Thanks brother!

  3. Fred Pruitt says:

    Good word! Children of the kingdom get to eat from the table, and not just the crumbs! Amen!

  4. Barbara Hughes says:

    Yuuuuuuuummmyyyyyyyy! What a delight, sitting between Jesus and the Father enjoying supper together. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Joy King says:

    To find oneself included in the river of love which flows in, out and through the Trinity leaves one sometimes elated and sometimes embarrassed, but mostly speechless. What Great Love makes a way for us to partake at such a table? This is home. This is hospitality. This is communion. Great Love indeed.

  6. Judy Lawrence says:

    Ole, this sticks a wonderful chord within me. Before I found the true gospel, I was busy doing. I heard the word, I will make a table before your enemies and you will sup with me. To me it ment, I could come to my Fathers house and sup with Him regardless of my enemies. my dought, my angrer, my jealousy, my fear, ect. and I haven’t looked back. I don’t have to clean up my act before I come to Him and sup.
    It’s done. Praises
    Thanks Ole, great reminder,
    Love to you,


  7. PAM TORRES says:


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