The Call is Answered

It is like we can feel the pain in our own bellies when God calls for Eve and Adam in the Garden after they have eaten the fruit from the cursed tree. Somehow we know something has gone terribly wrong on account of that Eve and Adam are hiding.  In the depths of our being we know this is our story too. A wonderful relationship is broken and someone has to take the initiative to restore this liaison which originally benefitted both parts.

If we hold this notion that the incarnation was all about morals; that Jesus came so that we could become better persons, then we somehow have missed the beauty of the incarnation. God’s call for you and me is answered in the incarnation. In Christ we come out of the bushes and call back: Here I am!

The incarnation is about people. Our Father is the one who went that extra mile, who extended His hand, who humbled Himself to restore peace in paradise. C Baxter-Kruger writes: “In Jesus the Father, Son and Spirit have reached us in our traumatic darkness, and established a real relationship with us at our very worst.”

The sheer tenderness of our Father’s love defies logic. It is shocking, outrageous and unexpected. Through the incarnation He invites us to share in a life which principal property isn’t quantity, but quality. This life, which is the same quality of life that is shared between the Father, Son and Spirit, is abundant or super-abundant. It cannot be extinguished or quenched. It endures forever.

This life is shared with us relationally and, moreover, isn’t dependent on our conduct, but it only hinges on God’s love which forever is a fountain of joy and goodness. Fred Pruitt concludes: “Jesus didn’t come for theology, religion, to give a “message,” set up a church or for anything else other than you and me and all the rest of us.”

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10 Responses to The Call is Answered

  1. Colin says:

    Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant !!!!!!!!!!! (Any other words will spoil what you have written, dear friend)

  2. Fred Pruitt says:

    Everything was great except that quote at the end. Who’s that guy? 🙂 Good word — again! Blessings!

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Who? Fred Pruitt? In my opinion one of the most splendid gospel teachers of all time. Never met anyone who has such a profound insight into the mystery as he has. God has more than revealed His heart to that dude 🙂 I picked out that quote specifically because it sums up almost everything perfectly 🙂 Blessings, dear friend!!

  3. Reiken Hemel says:

    Hi Guys, this is affirming stuff for sure. I believe the “Last Adam” took care of the independent streak in the first couple, our old self was actually put to death through baptism, and there is now nothing more we can add to it, “Lest He died in vain”…

    we are now free and justified to take our rightful place aside the Father and Son as sons of the Most High. All we can do is share the Good News of Redemption and to give eternal praise and thanks to the One who took our place and pay the price we could not pay. Paid IN FULL… I accept His gift !

  4. Patty Musick says:

    I am a safe son now because He has done it all…and He holds me eternally. as you say Ole, it’s not dependent on my conduct any longer. Wow!!! It’s all Him…what a lover!

  5. There are messages that result from much study and that’s fine, but occasionally a message is “birthed”….this one is “birthed”…… a truly anointed word, Ole and thanks!

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