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The Greatest Miracle

“What is God’s greatest created miracle?” Anna asked Fynn. I am afraid I was just as much at loss as Fynn when Anna posed that question. In order to answer Anna’s question we have to return to what transpired in … Continue reading

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The Law of Motion

Sir Isaac Newton, the great English physicist, stated that an object would remain at rest forever unless some other force acted upon it. If we apply this principle to our human condition it is evident that our great problem as … Continue reading

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Eternal Life

What is eternal life? Is it difficult to attain? Is it for everyone or only for a handful selected? Jesus said: “And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you … Continue reading

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What is Sin?

Most Christians consciously or unconsciously lean heavily on the catechism’s definition of sin: “Sin is any want of conformity unto or transgression of the law of God.” By the law of God the catechism means the Ten Commandments. We know that … Continue reading

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Three Crosses

Luke has provided posterity with a detailed account of the crucifixion. Notably the fact that there were three crosses with three men is keenly accentuated, and Luke describes how the two rebels rightly accused of their misdeeds died on each … Continue reading

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Forgiveness Prior to Repentance?

Is forgiveness prior to repentance? This was a question Professor James B. Torrance used to ask his students challenging their understanding of the gospel. What do you think? Our answer to this question quite distinctly reveals our assumptions concerning God’s … Continue reading

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Yes, I Am

The point of Christian faith is not in the efficacy or power of our own faith, but believing in the faith and faithfulness of Jesus himself, who stands in our place. We participate in Jesus’ own faith, fullness and knowledge. The … Continue reading

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The Wedding Table

I shouldn’t come as a great surprise that those of us who are exploring the heights, depths and widths of God’s love are called heretics. Jesus who personified God’s heart, intentions and purposes had to carry the same label. Since … Continue reading

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The Call is Answered

It is like we can feel the pain in our own bellies when God calls for Eve and Adam in the Garden after they have eaten the fruit from the cursed tree. Somehow we know something has gone terribly wrong … Continue reading

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Elijah Was a Man Subject to Like Passions as We Are

Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are, James declares. After Elijah had called down fire from heaven and slain the Baal prophets he was scared witless when he learned that the evil queen Jezebel had sworn … Continue reading

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