Our Work Is to Believe in Him

Hosea married a prostitute in accordance with the word God had given him. She represented the fallen Israel who in her relation to God had been more than unfaithful. We meet the woman again in John 8. Taken in adultery, in like manner as Israel, she was brought to Jesus by the Pharisees who were ready to stone her for her promiscuousness. We are that woman who accused and condemned by the law is taken to Jesus. Standing in front of Him we hear Him say those blessed words: “Neither I condemn you.” As the relief wash over us we hear Him add: “Go, and sin no more.” At first we believe He is issuing a new command, but the Spirit soon convinces us about that this is a promise which pertains to a life in complete freedom and rest where our sole work is to believe in Him (John 6:29). We are not merely saved by His death; we are also saved by His life.

The world represented by the religious and law-abiding Pharisees will condemn us at every corner. They will question our moral, our ethics, our choices, how we lead our lives and whence the Spirit leads us. However, we adamantly refuse by faith to let anyone transfer any condemnation upon us. Why? Because our work is to believe in Him! Furthermore, wherever we go and whatever we do we assume that He in us never sins. Why? Because our work is to believe in Him! Remember we are not that woman anymore. When He said: “Go and sin no more” we were by divine intervention transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light and in that instant we became God’s bride. To call us sinners, prostitutes or any such deprecating word is an insult towards Him who calls us saints, kings and brides. Our work is to believe in Him.

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1 Response to Our Work Is to Believe in Him

  1. Sue Gaither says:

    Oh my! A friend sent this to us and I am so blessed. It’s my language! It’s what God has and is teaching me and WHO I only want! Thank you so much for these writings! Praise the Lord – how encouraging and refreshing!

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