The Law of the Spirit of Life

When we move into Christ we are subject to a different law which is in stark contrast to the law which governed our lives when we still were in that first Adam. Paul perfectly sums up our new reality in his letter to the Romans: “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.” (8:2). The law which now wells forth from our bellies is the law of the Spirit of life. “The Spirit needs no command to live its own life, or be what it is, no more than you need bid wrath to be wrathful.” (William Law)

I AM needs no command to live His own perfect life, because He cannot deny Himself. He is who He is. His sole and only intention is to see the restoration of the creation accomplished in love. Consciously, that is our reality as well when we have recognized that we live freely, willingly and universally according to the Spirit of love, which also means that our false self is exposed as an impostor and denounced as nothing. When we acknowledge that we are parts of the only real Self in the universe there remains nothing which can obstruct the torrents of life and love which is the Spirit of life in us.

In the instant we give up that false self and its self-reliance we have entered the Promised Land. In this place of abundance we produce fruit which we haven’t cultivated, but which is the Spirit manifesting His divine nature in us as us. The Spirit has every characteristic as God has, and hence is Love. “And therefore when Love is the Spirit of your Life, it will have the Freedom and Universality of a Spirit; it will always live and work in Love, not because of This or That, Here or There, but because the Spirit of Love can only love, wherever it is or goes or whatever is done to it.” (William Law)

Jesus said in effect the same thing to Nicodemus: “The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.” (John 3:8) We are predestined to enjoy and receive every good which is in God, including His freedom to be Himself without any constrictions or constraints. Everything but that freedom which is exclusively found in God reeks of death. However, we chose life when we returned home to our original heavenly state in God and became fused to His freedom. In this freedom there are two very distinct and overarching desires – to love and to be loved.

This is the fabric of the universe and this is the mystery we are stirred to explore, because due to these two central desires we come to understand that we are not merely automats. In His kingdom we are given to have life in ourselves, that is, we can love, we can receive love, we can respond to love and we can reject love. God’s plan of redemption involves that we wholly give up our false independent self and yields to the operation of God’s Spirit, and in this renouncement of the false self and thus surrender to the Spirit of God we find our true selves in Christ – our precious souls are now governed by a divine pure influence. This is beyond our minds. It cannot be grasped intellectually. However, by divine revelation God settles us in this total truth verified by the Spirit in us, so we come to know this spiritually and as we mature this is the central reality in which our lives find their perfect expression.

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4 Responses to The Law of the Spirit of Life

  1. Don Curtis says:

    I enjoyed once again the words of encouragement you penned. What a revelation to know that we do live by a new law the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ. I met some brothers from South Africa over the internet. You may know them: Francois du Troit, Andre Oosthizen, Alan Platt. Thanks again for being who you are in Christ.


    • Ole Henrik says:

      Thank you, Don! Very generous of you to comment again on one of my posts. Francois and Andre I know through Facebook and I admire their unique and life-giving ministries. Alan Platt is unfortunately unknown to me. Thanks again for your support and love!

  2. Richard says:

    Every morning for me, it’s mind over mattress. The law of the spirit of life ‘has freed’ me from the gravitational pull of sin and death.
    I love this rendering of Roman’s 8:1-2~The law of the Spirit is the liberating force of life in Christ. This leaves me with no further obligation to the law of sin and death. Spirit has superseded the sin enslaved senses as the principle law of our lives. 🙂

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