Walk in Wisdom

As a Christian you are in a precarious position, and to move with caution in some circles can be recommendable. Notably your utterances may create mayhem if declared in the wrong setting. Assume you say that you believe in God. If those who listen to you have eaten breakfast, had their coffee and life is generally good they might merely subtly shake their head and dismiss your ideas as old fashioned and out of date. They might even look at you with a sense of compassion. The other extreme are those who wildly oppose your faith and seriously challenge your conviction. You might in fact have to defend your position. Please use words if this should occur.

Let’s assume that you in a moment of bad judgment exclaim that God lives through you. Well, depending on your surroundings you might come out it unscathed. In the world you will be perceived as another religious fanatic who has lost contact with the real world. If you are in a Church the reactions you receive will be heavily influenced by that particular brand of church’s teachings and theology. If you are lucky you are in an environment where utterances like that is considered quite harmless, perhaps even with a stint of truth. In fact, you might even be considered as spiritually mature. If that is the case you have been incredibly lucky. Congratulations, my friend!

Now, if you are really careless “Jesus lives in me” might pass your lips. Well, I have warned you, haven’t I? At the next elderly meeting you will be their sole agenda and when they have discussed your case and given it considerable consideration you will be asked to leave. There is no room for teachings from hell in their congregation. People might be led astray, they will say with a worried crinkle in their foreheads. I hope you didn’t slip your tongue amongst unbelievers. You might wake up the next morning in an institution robed in a straightjacket.

There is one thing you never must say, except in a safe environment; “God and I are one, and Christ lives as me.” If you cross that line you are in deep s..t. (Those who guess the two missing letters have won a cruise in heaven). An utterance like that in the world will cause your neighbors to warn their children about you. “Keep away from that person! He is a complete nutcase!” Never, never say it in a church! Within an hour bounty hunters will be on your scent. I warn you; they are going to want to kill you for it!

My hope and prayer is that these words of wisdom will be well received amongst all of you who unwittingly read this very serious treatise which wisdom is derived from a person who has embraced the foolishness of the gospel.

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10 Responses to Walk in Wisdom

  1. PAM TORRES says:


  2. Mike says:

    Love this post!

  3. Colin Lagerwall says:

    True Post Ole, looks like it’s flowing all over 🙂

  4. Sheila Vertoli says:

    “Keep away from that person! He is a complete nutcase!” Never, never say it in a church! ………Oops, too late!
    Wow Ole, I wish I had read this a few months ago. It could have saved my ‘meek and quite spirit’ reputation. Now, I notice faces turn as they see me coming pretending to that I’m not there. Now, I know… they think I’m a nut case!

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Welcome to the club! We nutcases have our annual gathering next year!
      So, you have made some ripples, or perhaps big waves is more correct, the last months? Well, well then God wanted you to make some waves. I think He likes waves. He has created the ocean, hasn’t He?

  5. Dan Powers says:

    Ole, you know we are speaking as fools for His sake. When I first heard Norman and Dan Stone, and saw such blinding light that I had to put on sun-glasses I began to try to share, and I was basically shunned by the so-called church where I had taught Sunday School for years and served as an officer (deacon) in the church. Best thing that ever happened to me! I know you don’t have a holiday called Thanksgiving like we do in the states, and I know every day is a day of thanks-giving for you.. but Happy Thanksgiving anyway man. We are thankful for you being part of our life, part of our family We love ya.

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Dan, I know I am great fool for His sake. There is no room for me either in the Church. All doors are closed, but that has by the Spirit become a gain for me and the Kingdom. Happy Thanksgiving to you, dear brother. I am proud to have you as a friend and brother! Much love back to you!

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