For Against Such There Is No Law

We are no longer under the dominion of the law. There are no more “ought to-s” in our lives. We are the law soaring far above any external limitations which inhibit life. The law is summed up in love which is the song of the universe. Taken up into God we are nothing but love. We recognize this tremendous fact by our powerful faith faculty which with every man is endued by the Spirit.  There inevitably will be moments when we are tempted to return to some of those external “ought to-s”, but back under the curse we soon yearn for the freedom in Christ.

“As soon as the newly regenerated man becomes manifest, will he attain real knowledge. As the external man sees the external world, so the regenerated man sees the divine world wherein he dwells.” (Boehme)

Our full redemption from the law is realized in the instant we give up those last residues of self will and enter the full reality of our tremendous union with God and we behold the divine world wherein we dwell. Our submission to the law is upheld by the chains that are forged by the illusion of “self”. When the divine light penetrates the illusion which perpetuates the self sufficient self we lose our selves to find the glorious liberated original version of our own personal self in God’s self.

When Moses encountered the burning bush he saw his common self engulfed by God’s self, that consuming fire which upholds all life through its eternal outgoing torrent of love. Realizing his position in the divine order of things he could boldly enter the burning mountain completely devoid of fear knowing that his own self was a fire of God’s fire. “For against such there is no law.”

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3 Responses to For Against Such There Is No Law

  1. Mikkel Thomsen says:

    Wonderful expressed Ole!

  2. John Craig says:

    “The law is summed up in love which is the song of the universe”. Wow, so beautiful!

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