The other day I watched one of those finding your family shows. In the midst of all the outpouring of emotions and all the tears it struck how those grownups who had been adopted as children still was tormented by two questions which had followed them their entire life: “Was I a wanted child and why was I abandoned?” Those two questions was the driving force which set in motion their quest for finding their biological parents. They wouldn’t find inner peach or get a sense of wholeness before their questions were answered.

I also struck me how powerful those bonds are between a mother and her offspring. The two mothers we met in the show had both all those years carried in their hearts those children they had been forced to give away due to lives many hardships. In some ways they reminded me about the father in Lucas 15 who eagerly waited for his son to return, and how the son returned to the comfort of his roots when he no longer could cope with the many hardships of life.

In our Christian walk we face hardships and a variety of ordeals and hence many a time we ask ourselves if God somehow has abandoned us. When we feel like complete failures we might be wondering if He really wants us. I think Jacob Boehme gives a magnificent answer to our questions:

“We cannot tell how it happened that that which stood eternally in the essentiality of God entered into motion, because there is nothing that could have caused God to move, and the will of God is eternal and unchangeable. We can only say that the Three was desirous of having children of its own kind.”

The will of God is eternal and unchangeable. If He desired us then He wants us and if He wants us He would never abandon us. This is His heart’s fixed choice. When He sent Jesus on His rescue operation it was God’s eternal desire which came to display on the cross; that He has chosen us from before the foundation of the earth to be His sons. Nothing can separate us from His love, Paul insists. Jesus said that it wasn’t we who chose God, but God who chose us. Why is this important? Since God is love, since there is no darkness in Him, since He cannot lie we can be completely secure in His choosing of us. It testifies about His personal interest in each and every one of us. If we were the ones who chose Him we would never be quite sure that He genuinely chose us back. There would always be room for a slight doubt regarding His purposes in our minds.

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3 Responses to Chosen

  1. John Craig says:

    Awesome Ole, thanks. Speaking of God having ‘chosen us’ Paul also/often uses the word ‘adoption’ to describe our position/kinship in the heavenly family. But after scrutiny that word adoption seems to me not the best translation since its impossible that one could ever be ‘adopted’ by his or her real Father the ‘father of our spirits Father’ (Heb 12.9) who has been our Father since the very beginning.

    So now when I read those lines I hear in my spirit something like ‘now having been (daringly, valiantly, jealously) rescued or ‘re-possessed’ by our true heavenly Father who will not leave us orphaned (Father-less) because…He’s our REAL Father’.

    Thank you…Father!

  2. Colin Lagerwall says:

    Oh such an awesome post, Ole – Assurance welled up in me whilst reading it.

    “If we were the ones who chose Him we would never be quite sure that He genuinely chose us back” Powerful !

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