Freedom in Love and Slaves of Love

To freedom Christ has liberated us. It is the freedom to follow the flow of love which originates in God’s heart. Jesus said from the outset: “I delight to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart.” He was not coerced or manipulated or pushed to sacrifice Himself for the sake of mankind. Love compelled Him, and love makes it a delight to follow the laws of God. Love rises up within as a joyful and pulling desire and it is a delight to follow its drifts.

Love is a law in itself. It is not constrained by human edifices, whether it is manmade traditions, structures or how we perceive church should be. The flow of love will even decide how we spend our money, or to who or which organizations we donate them. Whenever it is a joy to give we know it is love that is moving us to bless someone or something with our means.

It is love that compels us to do the things we do. We are slaves of its desires which well up in us. We are not slaves in that old sense of the word. The level we now operate from is light years apart from when we were slaves of the old master whose lies and tricks and manipulations made us do the things we did not want to do, or the things that never brought us any gratification. When the joy of love moves us we maneuver in quite a different realm.

The old master used outer realities to coerce us or lure us to do his will – the lusts of the eyes. That was before we received our new heart where God’s law dwells. Now we are moved by the inner realities of the Spirit, and when we know that we have gotten a new heart we trust those joyful inclinations that now govern our lives.

God said: “Every place on which the sole of your foot treads shall be yours.” A desire wells up and we follow its delightful promptings. Wherever it leads us is the place which the sole of our foot treads. Since we are driven by the power of love we are not stopped by setbacks or obstacles. Love compels us to never give up; it spurs us on until the reward is ours.

When we were kids we had the time of our lives in the kindergarten. Now, however, those childish games hold no appeal to us. We by and by enroll to higher education and are fascinated and intrigued by what our inner teacher teaches us, and we are attracted to those who have joined the same course as us. Love matures us, it brings us to the outermost expanses of the kingdom and it has given us back our true humanity.

Love has its own agenda. It defies man’s expectations and it blows wherever it wants. At one point we are engrossed in one particular thing. At the next spell something else consumes us. To the world we might be perceived as unpredictable, or even as wine drinkers and gluttons. Love, abundance of life and freedom are inseparable. They dance hand in hand in an eternal display of joy. We cannot help ourselves: we are captivated and enchanted by the rhythm.

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10 Responses to Freedom in Love and Slaves of Love

  1. cindi estep says:

    How Sweet the tune that Love, Life and freedom dance!! Only those that Know can hear the melodic song that compels us, almost as The Pied Piper did the children but not to our dismay but to lead us to those that are waiting to join the dance….Becoming a part of the very song that we live and move and have our Being in….Thanks Ole Henrik…

  2. Judy Lawrence says:

    Captivated by His Love, could not have said it better. This is lovely Ole.
    It makes my heart sing. Thank you brother.

  3. Ole Henrik says:

    Thank you sister.

  4. Fred Pruitt says:

    Ole, your writings just get clearer and clearer. It’s like the mists are slowly dissipating, and what is left behind is simply Light transfiguring the whole world. That’s you!

  5. John Craig says:

    Ole, you said ‘The old master used outer realities to coerce us or lure us to do his will”.

    Made me think of Isaiah 14:3-7 saying ‘And it shall come to pass in the day that the LORD shall give you rest from your sorrow, and from your fear, and from the hard bondage in which you were made to serve (enslaved), that you will take up this saying against the king of Babylon’: ‘Oh how the oppressor has ceased, his unrelenting fury ceased! The Lord has broken the staff of the wicked, the scepter of rulers that smote the people in wrath with unceasing blows, that ruled the nations in anger with unrelenting persecution, now the whole earth is at rest and quiet, they break forth into singing’


  6. Ole Henrik says:

    John; that is just perfect! Thanks!

  7. Andre says:

    “…joyful inclinations that now govern our lives” Love that! Its the perfect law of liberty – the law that declares all boundaries to be invalid – the only law that demands that you do whatever you desire – the law that allows you to be yourself.

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