No Wrath

Before we have been led by the Spirit backwards to the void we still have residues of separation in our mindsets and this illusion generates another illusion regarding God’s wrath. We repeatedly find this theme in the old testament when an unredeemed people fears God’s wrath at every corner. From Adam’s fall and onward separation from God was how the chosen people viewed their existence, and as a consequence they dreaded God and His wrath.

When we as mature people recognize our nothingness we find that our lives have been hidden in Christ all along, and there in the void we find our lives again in Him as an everlasting outflow of light. More than that, we discover that the idea about God’s wrath was another of those tricks of the enemy, but which the Spirit has used with great efficiency so that we can come to end of ourselves. The Spirit has led us backward to our origin where we find no wrath. When the illusion about separation evaporates the illusion about God’s wrath is made void and nothing.

We have come to the point which the scriptures call before the foundation of the earth. At this point the lamb was slain and God wrath evaporated. To us this point in time is now. Every now is thus before the foundation of the earth. In the temporal realm the cross is the focal point which stretches both backward and forward in time. Before the foundation of the earth can’t be expressed with words or understood in terms of time. It is in the same manner as He is, the great I AM, and we are in the eternal. Eternally bound to Him in love and a part of Him we find that our wrath was an illusion as well. The eternal outpouring of light and love is the sole and only reality. Finally we know what Jesus meant when He spoke about a peace that transcends understanding.

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9 Responses to No Wrath

  1. Cindi Estep says:

    Keep these Coming my friend…I am so thankful that I have found TRUE nourishment instead of “junk food” that I was consuming before which left me hungering and searching for I was starving and did not Know it…….Thank You.

  2. Paul Stewart says:

    Just “breath-taking” . . . no, Breath-giving . . . I was mesmerized reading His work in one more fresh Way. Thank you, Ole.

  3. Dawn says:

    Thank you for this Ole. I am so tired of having people’s perception of a schizophrenic God rammed down my throat! All my life I was afraid of the ‘intimacy with God’ that I heard older believers talking about, because I thought “well, which one? The One that was so angry and vengeful and so disgusted with sin and disobedience? Or the One that occasionally someone would point out that showed mercy to Adam and Eve in the garden amongst others?” Ah but then He turned angry and wrathful and demanding again in the next book/sermon..

    So to read this is very freeing indeed – my life has been hidden in Christ all along.. Beautiful ❤

  4. Fred Pruitt says:

    That is wonderful, Ole. You are bringing the eternal into the temporal in our minds, which is what it always has been, but in our blindness, we could not see it. But now you are proclaiming it — that we live in of and by the Eternal God — which is a life of the Spirit blowing where He pleases, and we along in that wind. Our lives are as much mystery as God’s is. When the Spirit unfolds God in our consciousness, He is also unfolding ourselves, to reveal Christ in us, and in knowing Christ in us, there we find for the first time our real selves. As you say, our lives have eternally been hidden in Christ, and when we begin to know Him as He knows us, we are thus mixed together in the Spirit as a man and his wife are in their marriage — we are one person functioning. We arise from death, like Lazarus came out of death as soon as he was commanded. It is Lazarus who rises from utter complete death, who comes and stands in the door of the tomb, as Jesus commands that he be loosed from his graveclothes. Except we be dead as Lazarus we cannot be loosed from our graveclothes of separated self; we are only the onlookers who marvel and ask questions among themselves. Lazarus’ rising is a parable of our rising, dead with Him in baptism, and alive again in His resurrection, coming out of the tomb as one who Paul calls a New Man, whose old things have passed away, leaving only the new, where ALL THINGS ARE OF GOD, bringing the word of reconciliation with the Father, which is, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself, imputing NO TRESPASSES to men, and WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN that word of reconciliation. The word which God spoke in Isaiah 1:18, “Come now and let us reason together, for though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow.” We have no judgment or wrath towards men, but only invite all to come and dine.

  5. Judy Lawrence says:

    What great confermation, I have been pondering this very thing for many months now, and I couldn’t put it into words, you have done so like an artists.
    Thank you brother Ole

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