In the Beginning

In front of Pilate Jesus said that His kingdom wasn’t of this world. This is a kingdom which government is found inside humans created in the likeness of God. In order to understand this kingdom we have to return to the beginning where everything was void and silent. The Spirit is hovering over this nothingness which we all have to return to or be led back to before His creative forces can be unleashed in us.

Our return to the beginning is marked by frustrations, sufferings and failures. That is the only way our self activity and noise can be extinguished. We all initially thought that Christianity was all about moving fast towards some goal God had set up for us. The faster we got there the better Christians we were, and the more God would be pleased with us. We thought it was about becoming something or someone. That is was about doing the right things, having the right motivation, the right attitude. We thought we should imitate Jesus. We spoke a lot about love, but couldn’t quite find it within ourselves.

However, Christianity is about moving slowly to the beginning where we ultimately recognize our nothingness and become still. In the stillness God is moving, and we in this stillness recognize His mighty power within which created the heavens and earth. It dawns upon us that there is no separation between us and Him. He is in us presenting Himself to the world through each unique seed.

We all have the capacity for thinking, and we have a consciousness. To us it seems like our mental activity takes place somewhere on the inside of our bodies. However, we cannot pinpoint its exact location. It seems, though, as it is confined inside our flesh. But, what if we didn’t have any flesh? Where would our thinking and consciousness be then? It would just float unimpeded in the void. This is the place where we are linked to God, who is all in all, and who in His great wisdom decided to contain His all-ness or omnipresence in humans like you and me. When we return to the beginning, to the void, to our nothingness we find God and His kingdom within and all is well.

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10 Responses to In the Beginning

  1. cindi estep says:

    Void….to make empty. As in the beginning before He breathed the breath of His very Being into the shaped form of man made from the dust of the earth…Now He once again has Breathed His Being into us and we are reconciled back to the beginning….without end. Good Word Ole!

  2. Fred Pruitt says:

    Ah, my friend, you have returned to the Source, where all is without form and void. That is where we must go before we begin to find ourselves. In that unfathomable source, there is only One. Descriptions are not possible. This One just IS. But even there, there is movement, and the movement out of that unformed and void or nothing, is the movement out of the stillness which is the drive to love, which because it is love, must extend itself, expand itself, and procreate itself, so that the love might continually grow and expand and create. For out of the unformed and nothingness comes first a Divine Voice, which out of and because it is love, it must SHOUT, “LET THERE BE LIGHT,” and suddenly in the nothing and unformed there appears LIGHT. Now we are in the same flow, when we go inside ourselves into that beginning. Because that is where we come from. When the Voice by an eternal constraint of Love speaks Light, we begin to flow out, too. We begin to be. If we have seen that we “are dead,” (returned to the source in a formless death-like void), there we begin to find our own lives hidden in that eternity made manifest by light. All our lives we have not known our death and therefore have not known that our lives have from eternity to eternity hid with Christ in God, but here in this moment of sinking down into “forsaking all we have” (which truth be told we cannot do except by the Holy Spirit), suddenly our eyes open and there is a miracle. We were dead, but NOW WE ARE ALIVE. But it is no longer this separate- from-everything island of self we have been living in, but instead now we find we are part of the Universal One Person, and now we, as He, no longer live in that case of flesh, but are instead expanded into the whole cosmos, for where He is, there are we, and where we are, there He is.

    What a great place, brother! From that place we can see forever!

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Fred, the way you expound on this is breathtaking. I am in awe by the light and wisdom the Spirit has endowed upon you. The picture you are painting with words is just stunning. Thanks for giving all of us more light on this amazing mystery.

  3. Judy Lawrence says:

    What can I add to that, Amen, We were chosen before the foundation of the world, void the world was, yet we were in Him. This is a wonderful word Ole, such nice fellowship we have, what a great kiss on the inside.
    Love to you,

  4. John Craig says:

    Ole, so beautiful and true, thank you. It reminded me of Madame Guyon’s commentary on Job and this ‘nothingness’ state to which we must return saying of Job after he had lost all and opening his mouth for the first time since receiving all this devastating news:

    (Job saying) ‘Naked came I out of my mother’s womb and naked shall I return’. (Now Guyon comments) ‘But O’ patient Prophet, what do you wish to say? Can you indeed enter into your mothers womb? (referencing Jesus’ discussions with NicodemUS)
    She continues…’Yes, for I must be created anew, and if I were not created anew, I could not enter into the kingdom of God. Teach us what this way is, and if it be possible that a full grown man, can enter again into his mother’s womb. This mother is God and annihilation. God created us in the nudity of all propriety and from nothing in the nudity of all blessings THEREFORE I MUST ENTER INTO NOTHINGNESS AND INTO GOD, and I cannot enter into God without being annihilated and entirely nude, and in the same nudity in which I came forth. This is the truth which I apprehend, which gives me to understand that I still have many other losses to experience. I still have other sacrifices to make, to which I (willingly) abandon myself. It is necessary for me to endure them in order to enter into the womb of my mother just as I came out of it’.

    ‘marvel not that I say you must be born anew’

    • Ole Henrik says:

      This is a most wonderful confirmation of what I attempted to convey! Thanks for your comment, John. It was very timely!

      • John Craig says:

        No, thank you Ole for your wonderful blog and insights that we may, like a warm fire gather ’round together in the cold night of our pilgrimage, until the warming Light of dawn once again arises (in our hearts of flesh). The sparks are flying…UP. Praise Him.

  5. Moriah says:

    This is brilliant, radiant with light, and so are the comments as well! Thank you all — Ole, Fred, John Craig, for this magnificent spiritual banquet (“the words I speak unto you; they are Spirit and they are life!”)

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