Kissed on the Inside

We have all wondered about what the difference is between human love and God’s love. The scriptures tell us that God is love. It isn’t something He has. It is something He is. That simple fact transcends our understanding. What many of us try to do in order to understand God’s quality of love is that we attempt to explain it with human words and definitions. However, the Bible says that the world is deceived by the evil one so our ideas of love will be heavy influenced with his ideas of love, which really isn’t love.

The plain fact is that humans love from the outside. This is demonstrated by how we kiss the outside, and we all know what feelings and sensations that arouses. God, however, kisses the inside. We only know a person from the outside. The outside is what we see and perceive regarding a person.  In addition we perhaps know something about a person from what she or he has told us. We have a very limited knowledge about what stirs a person and the inner processes that shape that person’s conduct and outlook.

God knows all those things. He knows the depths of our being. Our history is intimately known by Him. He knows perfectly well what stirs and motivates us. The patterns of behavior and thinking that make a person are all familiar to Him. We would easily be tempted to say that He loves us despite all His encompassing knowledge about us. It is so convenient to disparage our worth and our being when we marvel at His love. The truth is that we are created in His likeness. Thus we have the potential to understand His love. Moreover, we have the potential to love like He does.

Jesus was an example of us, that is, what is possible when flesh and Spirit is intertwined in a union where oneness with God is an established reality. To love like God is not a self improvement program, but life that flows from a person that is indwelled by God. If God is love so are we. Only faith can appropriate this  amazing wonder.

To be kissed on the inside is such a new and unfortunately alien experience for us that it takes a huge job from the Spirit to convince us about what God is doing in our lives. He kisses our history, our thinking, our incentives, our inner person, yes, everything that we are. It is a perpetual love feast. His kisses find all those spots that hurt and confuse us. His kisses untangle those knots that make us cringe in fear and despair. Even when all those deceptions which have kept us in bondage all our lives are stamped out He continues to kiss us.

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13 Responses to Kissed on the Inside

  1. cindi estep says:

    We Love Him with His own Love….In Union we Become Love…..The most passionate of all kisses, The Kiss of God!

  2. Fred Pruitt says:

    Beautiful! This is wonderful. So intimate and personal to see that God is that in us. Good word!

  3. Ole Henrik says:

    Thanks Cindi and Fred!

  4. Paul Stewart says:

    Brother, your “The truth is that we are created in His likeness. Thus we have the potential to understand His love” spoke to me. I used to say I just don’t understand how He can give us that much mercy. And, I’d wonder why I couldn’t see others with His eyes . . . nowadays, I’d venture to say that’s going on whether I see it or not.

    As you put it, “it takes a huge job from the Spirit to convince us about what God is doing in our lives.” . . . that is His job and I don’t have to make it happen including seeing it every instant.

  5. Patty Musick says:

    “He continues to kiss us” I love to hear those words. I still think wrongly at times that there is going to be something about me or something I do or don’t do that will make God leave. I know that is a silly thing to think especially when it is brought out in the light. Anyway, I always love to hear from others through the Spirit that He will never leave or forsake me, that He loves me and now…He continues to kiss me on the inside.
    Thank you Ole for being the Word.

  6. Kristin Smith says:

    What difference does it make to me and for me that I am kissed on the inside? That I am not seen for my outer shell? It means that God, while seeing each and every big sin, small sin, error, etc chose to love me. He was not fooled by what I presented to the world and yet He still reached out to me. He sent His Son for me knowing full well all I would be, could be and am. He exchanged my rottenness for His being, His spirit, His life. Rivers of living water flow through me regardless of my visual perception of my life. His presence is an aquifer of life. When I first knew Him it bubbled up in newness and excitement in my soul. But I doubt that the world I knew then was aware of much change from my outward actions although I was so excited knowing something new had happened to me. Yet the aquifer was filling me, invisible to me, yet this was happening and I did not know the new source was the real reason for my joy. Years went by then where I evaluated my life and my self by my actions to see if I could make this joy continue, make the love shown. Years of believing that somehow it was my job to make this love visible. I turned to my own self to show the world who God was not knowing that He wanted to do this and could do this and I could not. All the while not realizing I was overflowing with waters that were not of my own making, waters that wanted to erupt in springs for me to see and for others to see. All I had to do was get out of the way. I did not make this love, this blessed reservoir of Hope that indwells me now. It is not I who love, the love is not of my own making but because as you say I am kissed on the inside. The choice to be kissed was His based on His being of love and the result of this kiss is that I am now a reservoir of Holy Kisses.
    1 John 4: 16 And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.
    God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.

    Thanks Ole, for listening to God, and sharing His Kisses…

  7. Laura Sullivan says:

    Thanks. This was what I needed to hear at this moment.
    I rest in His kiss.

  8. Sparrow says:

    I loved this! I love being kissed by God on the inside! I love that I don’t have to change or improve to have that kiss! I love that His kiss heals my hurts! I love having a Love within that won’t ever go away!

    Thank you, Ole! I needed to hear this today!

    In Him,

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