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Wolf Days

They called it the Wolf Days. It was the two weeks of the year when the days were short and the dark reigned. Snow would accumulate and the days could be freezing cold. Not that I bothered. I had been … Continue reading

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Testimony – International Grace Party 27.08.10

I was religiously inclined already as a kid. I prayed the Lord’s prayer every evening, but more like a superstitious act than anything else. Nothing evil would befall me if I mitigated God by my religious act, I believed. At … Continue reading

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The Camel and the Eye of the Needle

I was reminiscing about my life the other day. What stood out at this particular occasion was all the pain I have had to endure and have gone through. It struck me that I have been slowly and deliberately crushed. … Continue reading

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A Sea of Glass Mixed with Fire

When the book of Revelation speaks about a sea of glass mixed with fire (15:2) it is alluding to the new creation in Christ who is joined one spirit with God. The sea of glass is our inner spirit tranquility … Continue reading

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Freedom in Love and Slaves of Love

To freedom Christ has liberated us. It is the freedom to follow the flow of love which originates in God’s heart. Jesus said from the outset: “I delight to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart.” … Continue reading

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We Give What We Have

Peter said to the crippled man at the temple gate: What I have I give to you. It is the same Peter who denied Christ at three occasions not very long before, who then obviously hadn’t any inner resources to … Continue reading

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And There Was Evening And There Was Morning

And the word went forth like this: And there was evening, and there was morning. God doesn’t work during the darkness of the night. He is the Father of lights and His works are undertaken in light. You cannot find … Continue reading

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In the Cool of the Day

God walked among Eve and Adam in the midst of the garden in the cool of the day. His presence wasn’t unassuming, but it wasn’t threatening or obtrusive in any way. It was more like a pleasant breeze that cools … Continue reading

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We are the Light of the World

There is an eternal outflow of light from God.  It expels darkness wherever its rays penetrate. Every man who is joined one Spirit with the Father through the redemption in Jesus Christ is also an eternal outflow of light. In … Continue reading

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No Wrath

Before we have been led by the Spirit backwards to the void we still have residues of separation in our mindsets and this illusion generates another illusion regarding God’s wrath. We repeatedly find this theme in the old testament when … Continue reading

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