Nothing is a Waste

After Mary surprisingly turned up and anointed Jesus with expensive ointment as recorded in John 12 the disciples raised their voices and thought it a waste. Why not rather have sold the ointment and given the money to the poor, they objected.

I personally know very talented and gifted Christians (in reality we all are very talented and gifted) who are either unemployed or just are home and thus from a human perspective seemingly are wasting their lives. Their surroundings might be accusing them of laziness or listlessness. In addition to being subject to those well meaning person’s ideas of a productive life many of them also have to struggle with condemnation or sentiments that are challenging their self-esteem because they somehow seems out of the loop.

This idea of waste also comes into play in regard to ministry. Large parts of Christianity have some preconceived notions when it comes to ministry and how we are to serve in a church or a denomination. When we for some reason fall outside these confines we are regarded as wasting our talents or something in that direction. The main goal in most Christianity is to see people saved. That is a noble goal. However, we have too long seen this as an ordinance and not a promise.

Mary’s offer drew attention to Christ. You have given yourself to Christ as a fragrant ointment, and by that offer you are drawing people to Christ often without you being consciously aware of this most wonderful and astounding fact. That is how a supernatural promise plays out. While you are resting in Him with your unique personality He makes Himself known to the world through you. It isn’t something you can control. He does it perfectly both through your negatives and your positives.

My friend, when you have come to Christ nothing in your life is a waste. Everything you do, don’t do or are is an expensive ointment in God’s eyes. You are a blessing to Him regardless of your circumstances. Don’t listen to those who say your life would be more of a blessing if you just would give yourself to the poor, that is, whatever cause they find worthy or imagine need your support.

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17 Responses to Nothing is a Waste

  1. Amy Cox says:

    Amen Ole!

  2. Lennart Svensson says:

    Amen, What wonderful practical insight. AMEN!!

  3. liondeer says:


  4. patty musick says:

    I can’t tell you how much this message means to me Ole. It is truly a treasure. It is permeating my soul. I’m so thankful for the truth of it. It is a pearl. God has again spoken it right into my heart!

  5. Mary Nie says:

    Ole, this is wonderful!
    I have learned so much through the 14+ years I have had the privilege of being my son’s mom. Caleb has Down Syndrome and God continually shows me through him He never makes mistakes. All we are created to be in Him…in His image is enough. In my weakness He is strong! We just keep walking! 🙂

  6. andrew says:

    hey i love your insight into this. Yes, many times some of us do feel like we are not living the productive “christian life” and we don’t seem to have the effective testimony to go with it. Instead we are surrounded with successful christian people who are excelling in their careers .. leaving us feeling 2nd class (must have somehow disqualifed for heavens’ blessings)
    But I am so glad God does not see us like that .. i know he doesn’t. His parameters are different from ours. This is a great article Ole.

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Thanks for your comment, Andrew! I know that sensation about being a 2nd rated Christian because I couldn’t live up to those high standards the religious world set.

  7. John Wilson says:

    great words brother! Reminds me of Frank Viola’s “Bethany.”

  8. Robert W. McDonald says:

    Ole Henrik…..All your posts are gems in the treasure box. My comment is for July 3. Being bound by my wheelchair and associated disabilities I, too, frequently have thoughts of uselessness. How good to know no ointment is wasted in His sight, and I am simply the alabaster box. Of course, that makes Him, the Christ within, the ointment poured forth…

  9. Gail Hayden says:

    Thank you for this. I have a friend out of work and I will share it.

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