Tickle the Ear

It is quite interesting to note how books which offer a legalistic approach on how to live the Christian life often become best sellers. Books that deal with deeper life issues seldom receive much attention other than being condemned in legalistic circles. It might seem like authors that present what many perceive as new methods or new perspectives receive a lot of attention from those who for years really have made an effort to live according to outer laws and ordinances. An apparently new angle offers new hope that they finally will be able to perform successfully. Paul said to Timothy that people would embrace what tickles the ear. Of course it is ear ticking to hear that you, yes you, can do it. However, those of us who have come to end of ourselves know we cannot do it. Christ can do it, but we can’t. To a carnal minded Christian that message doesn’t tickle the ear. On the contrary, it outrages him since he erroneously believes that a message like that will foster a bunch of lazy no good Christians.

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4 Responses to Tickle the Ear

  1. Kristin Smith says:

    But they are lost as I was once. They truly believe that rules are the way to live, the way Christ meant for them to live. It is sad that they live in that place but they do not live there because they want to annoy me. They live there because it seems true and they have no place else to go. I became a Christian at 16. At 35 God began to unravel my legalistic bent. I was a worker bee, raised by worker bees. I received awards in swimming for how hard I worked. So for the last 22 plus years God has graciously been revealing what I truly believed in terms of how I really function not just what I thought I believed in my head. I need to be gracious to those who don’t get it yet no matter how they dump on me.

  2. Ole Henrik says:

    Absolutely! I couldn’t agree more. We have all been there, that is, going through the wilderness attempting to live by outer beacons. That is a part of the journey towards the Promised Land. We no longer judge by appearances or according to the flesh so we acknowledge that those under the law are on their way towards an inner revelation of who they really are. I think most of us long for the day when they join our ranks and can behold the beauty of who they are in Him.

  3. Patty Musick says:

    It is encouraging to hear that I can’t do it. Because the temptation is always there and all around me that I can. I pick up that message so many times a day in so many ways and there are times when I am tempted to still believe that. But I know I can’t and it encourages me to hear others say the same. The law has done it’s job and lead me to Christ and there is no turning back. Thanks Ole!

  4. Kristin Smith says:

    And the message seems a little more cruel than just that we can do it. To me it often seems as a command that we must do it and if I don’t then I am at fault. As they say at my church…or we lose fellowship with God. I don’t believe that but it is still hard to hear. I know what I am hearing now but it still surprises me when the application to scripture is some form of performance to achieve rather than a reveling in what Christ did.

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