The Right Self

“Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”, God said. Image means a representative figure, and we find that likeness carries the implication similitude which means closely resembling another, a counterpart. It was from these astounding facts that we were to derive our identity, our right self. God’s self perception is impeccable. There are no shadows of self degrading notions which threaten to disturb His inner peace. Evidently, as an image of Him our self was to be based in Him and have the same quality as His.

However, when Adam ate from the wrong tree this foundation for the self was shattered. After the fall Adam’s children were after his likeness. They derived their self from a spiritual dead person. As a consequence this false self molded by the god of this earth became our prominent self perception.   For many years I perceived myself as grey, boring, dull, mediocre, worthless, nice and well behaved with not a dangerous or wild fiber whatsoever in my being. This was a powerful lie that colored my entire existence. This false self severely inhibited my life.

The false self that we had to toil under was a part of the curse. When we come to Christ we are under heavy influence from it. We drag this heritage with us into His kingdom erroneously believing that He is just as a hard master as our former master. We believe that condemnation, self flagellation and self deprecating thoughts are the path to pleasing our new King. Even worse, many believe that those emotions have the potential to change behavior, or provide us with what we need in order to be good.

However, God wants to give us a new name, a new self, that is, our original self when we return to His fold. God has created a diversity of sons, each reflecting Him in their uniqueness. The unsearchable riches in Christ amongst other things pertain to this multitude of expressions found in Him. God’s overwhelming desire has been ever from before the foundation of the earth to restore our right self. His is willing to do whatever necessary to accomplish this goal. He love guarantees that the false self will see destruction and that the right self will slowly but surely surface so that His truth will triumph.

Before we were born we were given our right self. Hidden under the false self, which we thought were us, we have sometimes seen it shine through the veil, and we have yearned for its materialization. My friend, every thought or notion that belittles you is a remnant from this false self. It is utterly false! It is an illusion – an illusion is just cotton! Yes, your right self is almost too good to be true, but welcome it as your true image. You are everything you formerly believed you weren’t! God has laid the axe to the root! As a result a multitude of true and liberated sons are revealed to His glory and great pleasure.

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5 Responses to The Right Self

  1. Sparrow says:


    I really enjoyed this post. I feel I am just beginning to understand some of the ideas about the false self and how it is illusory, and just getting to know my true real self, newly created in Him. I noticed you have an article by Norman Grubb on your site and I was thinking of getting one of his books. Can you tell me which one or two would be good? I am most interested in spirit and soul understanding, explanation of Rom. 6-8, and understanding Christ in me, as me. Any suggestions?

    Thank you so much. I have enjoyed reading your insights!

    In Christ, Sparrow

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Hi Sparrow,

      thanks for your very encouraging comment. My two favorite books by Norman Grubb are Who am I? and Yes I am. I have also been greatly encouraged by Fred Pruitt’s books: Heart of Flesh and The Axe Laid to the Root.

      Blessings to you,
      Ole Henrik

      • Sparrow says:

        Thank you so much for the recommendations! I just ordered Who Am I? and hopefully can order Yes I Am soon as well. I’m looking forward to learning more about my union with Him!

        I will have to check out the Fred Pruitt books, too, so thanks very much..

        In Christ,

  2. Patty Musick says:

    Again, Ole, your comments reach me right where I am. My feelings have been pulling me to believe things about myself that I used to adhere to…but no longer. I just have to say my feelings are feelings but they don’t always reflect the truth yet. I am a right self even when I feel otherwise. It all ties in too with what you have been saying about Christ is our true self too. I have to stand on that. I needed to hear these words today and the Lord has spoken.
    Patty Musick

  3. Ole Henrik says:

    Thanks, Patty! I am very happy to hear that this post blessed you! Wonderful to read how the Spirit works in you towards greater and greater liberty.

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