The Sabbath Rest

The following is an attempt to verbalize some revelations I believe were given to me by the Spirit a week ago. It is challenging to put into words subtle concepts which I do not yet clearly see the extent of.

The author of the Hebrews repeatedly expounds on a rest which the regenerated man is encouraged to enter. The one who enters God’s rest has ceased from His own works, as God did from His. This is in other words a rest which is the consequence of realizing that we can do nothing without Christ. The book of Revelation contains many images which when they are spiritually understood draws a picture of the battle that takes place in our consciousnesses when the Spirit does His gracious work in illuminating our minds so that we are put in a position where we disclose this lie or illusion that we are an independent self. What we discover as the Spirit’s work proceeds in us is that God has taken wholly possession of us and that we live our lives in Christ and thus are His visible expressions in this realm. During this process when we discover the liberating truth of our true being we are in increasing measure revealed as the sons of God.

However, what the Spirit revealed to me is that there is an even higher level of rest which He calls the Sabbath Rest. In a glimpse I saw how everything in this world is used by God for His redemptive purposes. Absolutely everything that occurs in this universe He can turn and use for His good purposes. Nothing of what happens comes as a surprise to Him, He who is the great all in all. Then the Spirit showed me that this also applies to my life. There is nothing in my life which He cannot use for His redemptive purposes regarding my existence, and He can further on advance His redemptive purposes for others through me despite what I perceive as failures and weaknesses which I believe have the opposite effect. Everything works together for good for those who love Him, Paul says. The full effect of this insight is that my soul can find a rest which is not of this world, because He is so much greater than what I do or not do. I do not mentally understand this, that is, how He works forth His will and good purposes through both my positives and negatives. It is too great for me to grasp. However, it is on this backdrop that I can embrace my humanity as a right humanity in Him.

A couple of days later as I questioned these things the Spirit drew my attention to what happened at the cross. An event wrapped up in utter darkness. But, out of it a great light was borne. Then I saw my soul and my mind and the utter darkness they sometimes are filled with. Then He asked me: “If I could turn Jesus’ death into life and joy for many how much more then can I not create light and life out of your seasons of darkness?”

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4 Responses to The Sabbath Rest

  1. Fred Pruitt says:

    Ole Henrik, your article generates these thoughts in me.

    Question to ponder: Why did Jesus do most of His works on the Sabbath?

    My answer: Because the Seventh Day is the total fulfillment of all God’s works and therein He rests, and out of that “rest” we do our works. We do our work out of the Sabbath within us!

  2. fulton wright says:

    Ole, before we walked in “righteous works” because we didn’t know about faith and didn’t know who God is. But once He revealed Himself in us, there was no excuse to not rest. And we questioned at first, “Why is this truth hidden?” We saw many people continuing in the idea of independent self. But this revelation brought freedom because it was His working completed in us. We grieved for many who rejected as we shared about this rest. But God brought us into fellowship with others who were realizing this truth and as God has brought us together with you, we see Him continue to reveal this freedom to His children; ITS NOT HIDDEN! Praise God.

  3. wrong, wrong, wrong, you can not enter Gods spiritual rest or cease from your own labor no matter how much you believe in Jesus Christ if you harden your hearts against the Holy spirit and reject the 7th day (Saturday Sabbath of the Lord). Hebrew writer very cleary explains the error of Israel the house of Moses when they did not trust and obey the 7th day sabbath of the Lord,the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel and he swore in his wrath they would be allowed to enter his rest because they harden thier hearts against the Saturday Sabbath of the LORD the promise of rest was not allowed because of thier unbelief in the saturday sabbath rest of God. The same warning is given to us which are of the household of Jesus Christ if we harden our hearts against the Holy Spirit while he speaks to us today we will forfiet our spiritual blessing of spiritual rest if we do not believe in his 7th day Saturday rest it is a blessing you don,t want to miss.The warning is there for us to obey and heed so that we don,t have to experience the loss of entering his special spiritual rest. The consequence can be devestating detremental to our very lives as you can see the child or son God must abide by his word especially the 7th day sabbath or exaustion will destroy the 7th day sabbath breakers and death will overcome the rejecter of the 7th day sabbath wether you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit or not take heed in Heb4:1 you don,t want to come short of that Brother Gil.

    • Ole Henrik says:

      How do you interpret this verse by John: “Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God”? Do you think John is lying? However, if this is true where do you think Christ is? Where can He be except in you an me! Btw, notice if you do not believe this, that is, that He has come in the flesh in you and me, then it is the spirit of antichrist in which you believe. If Christ is in you and me, which the Scriptures repeatedly confirms, then He is our Rest as well. I find it, btw, intriguing that you prefer shadows to the real thing. Blessings to you and may the Spirit lead you from outer law (which is death) to the inner law of life.

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