They Are Whom the World is Not Worthy

I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

The Greek word κόσμος, which is translated world, has these connotations; order, lawful order, government, mode, fashion and ruler. In this world-system we will have tribulations, because it is a world fashioned by the god of this world. His principles and machinations govern the worldly system we are a part of. In Christ we are, however, no longer of this world. We have in Him thus become sojourners in an alien environment.

Jesus says that in Him we will have peace. He represents our true habitat, the environment we originally were designed to occupy. This further means that if we have peace in Him and tribulations in this world His cosmos is everything contrary to this world. Its principles and foundations are wholly dissimilar from those we encounter in our current setting and which we have grown accustomed to because it so far has been the only thing we have known.

God says that He will clear away these nations before us little by little (Deut 7:22). The transition from a consciousness which has its security in the principles of this age to a consciousness that finds its sustenance in Christ is a process which the Bible calls the renewal of the mind. This enlightenment of the mind empowers us to in increasingly measure to appreciate what Jesus did, and who we are in Him so that we are transformed from glory to glory.

Daniel Yordy has put it like this: “He said that we must leave all of the ways of seeing and experiencing and connecting, all the structures of, the methods of operating in, the knowledge and wisdom of the life of this present age and step out into the “darkness,” the unknown, following what until now has been only a taste, and follow Him, our Shepherd, into all the experience, power, connections, and knowledge of the life of the age to come.”

It is thus no wonder that those of us who push farther and farther into this mystery, this original pure undistorted cosmos, and thus see things from a completely new perspective compared to those who still attempt to make Christianity work in the matrix of this world are considered mystics, heretics and what worse is. God, however, says about us: “They are whom the world is not worthy.”

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