Shouting From the House Tops!

You have most certainly noticed how the Spirit spurs you on to take new steps of faith. He begins His mission by quietly whispering some new and profound truths in your ear. Either are those truths too good to be true or they are beyond your mental ability, because they involves accepting something which might seem as a complete paradox, or those things He whispers are so beyond our material realm that we do not have any points of reference. What we thought was our secure ground is now dissolving under our feet.

However, the Spirit is patient so He continues to unravel those places where the knots are so tight that they impede our ability to process any new ideas. In an odd way we can sense how He is working in us until suddenly the dam bursts and our faith becomes substance and the things He initially whispered to us now have become ours and in our mind it feels as though we now are shouting those magnificent truths from the house tops. What a wonderful release that is.

A reasonable question now is; why all this? The truth is that we have been deceived. When we accepted Christ a revolutionary thing happened. We became new creations. Jesus says about us: “…for they are not of the world any more than I am of the world.” The deceiver does not want us to know this magnificent truth. The enemy thus makes any effort to make us stay earthbound in our outlook and entices us to build our identity upon what we can see.

However, appearances fall far short of conveying who we really are in the spiritual realm which is our true home. The eternal truth about us far supersedes any identity we might have acquired during our years on this planet. The Spirit hence convicts us about our innocence and that we are righteous. Our true identity is not dependent on our efforts to become something we desire to be in this temporal realm. It is not based on works, occupation, education or social position. If we are to be safe sons of God our identity has to be based on something unshakeable, and that is Christ. Thus John in his first epistle observes that as He (Christ) is so are we in this world.

We embrace our true identity by faith, but faith is not faith before it has become substance, that is, we know that we know. The Holy Spirit is our helper in this very important process. When the light is fully lit in our understanding those beautiful truths He initially whispered to us are now palpable realities in our lives, and in our consciousnesses these amazing, from an earthly perspective almost preposterous truths, are shouted from the house tops.

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1 Response to Shouting From the House Tops!

  1. Fred Pruitt says:

    Totally new creations — not based on this world — Amen!!

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