The One Jesus Loves

One of His disciples, whom Jesus loved [whom He esteemed and delighted in], was reclining [next to Him] on Jesus’ bosom. (John 13:23 Amplified)

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful pictures portrayed in the New Testament of intimacy between Savior and disciple. John writes of himself that he was loved by Jesus. Not that the others were less loved, but John had understood that he was accepted and loved by his master. Can you imagine yourself resting your head on God’s bosom?

Do you have this inner knowing that you are esteemed by God, and that He delights in you? Do you yearn to rest your head on His shoulder or bosom (which also means heart)? Can you picture yourself being embraced by the tender love of the One who has created everything?

Doesn’t this image make you feel special? Doesn’t it make you bold in His presence? John could be bold with Jesus because He knew he was loved. No need to pretend when you are together with a person that loves you unconditionally!

Did you know that John is derived from Hebrew and means God is gracious?

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3 Responses to The One Jesus Loves

  1. Oh my gosh! That’s awesome!!!! I want to tell you I LOVE the name “John” (haha in any form ~ Jane, Jean, Johnny, Jonathan, Jan, Ian, Evan, Ivan…..) ~ it’s my dad’s middle name “Michael John” and my brother’s too “Samuel John” and sometimes my parents call me “Amanda John” LOL ~ Megan called me “Mandy Jane” the other day ~ I liked that too. Anyway, if I have a son I want to name him John I think and I do love that it means “God is gracious”/”Dieu fait grâce”/”God forgives.” Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. Ole Henrik says:

    Thanks for your very kind and encouraging comment, young “Amanda John” 😉

  3. Kristin Smith says:

    This was helpful and so good. I had always thought, since I read literally as a general rule, that he was loved more. But what you say makes so much sense and it is in the gospel he wrote. So, it feels so freeing to get that he is not saying he was loved more but that as he was loved so too are we. Cool. Thanks Ole.

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