Bread and Water

After the Spirit revealed the revolutionary news to me that Christ is in me I find it immensely difficult to say that I am dry. It is an impossibility since the Everlasting water springs up inside me and lives inside me and its fresh wells soak my entire being. I find it corresponding difficult to assert that I am spiritual hungry now when the Heavenly Bread continually feeds me with its abundance inside of me.

He has been there my entire Christian walk, but it wasn’t until I recognized the facts and faith became substance that I wholly could rely on Him as my sustainer. What an amazing difference this constitutes. Of course I have my bad days when my soul is in uproar, when self pity finds a crack or tiredness overwhelms me. However, those emotions do not any longer define my being in a negative way. And perhaps most importantly: I never give them the opportunity to condemn me, because the truth has become a tangible reality to me. I have come to love my emotions knowing that I am perfectly capable of expressing Him and myself through them. Emotions are an asset. They color my life.

If my soul emotions happen to bother me a quick glance at Him inside of me is all that is necessary for my soul to calm down and find rest.  You see, I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God really put an effort into the making of me, and when He was finished He smiled exclaiming: “It is very good.” Recognizing His presence within me has also released this unspeakable joy which earlier just was a remote idea of something unattainable in this life. So from having a Christ out there, the illusion, to have a Christ in here makes all the difference in the universe.

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