Eternal Love

God’s humbleness came into display when His son was born in a stable and laid in a manger in a country occupied by alien forces. That same humbleness is manifested every day in people who have given their lives to Him and who He isn’t ashamed of calling His offspring. They are sojourners on this planet which one day will be dissolved in the same manner as the consciousnesses of those who love Him are shaken until their minds can contain Him.

The mysteries of God are only conceivable to those who have given up everything with a desire to be filled by Him. In this state they discover themselves as true beings liberated from any inhibiting outer limitations. In their uniqueness there is a diversity and freshness that is captivating. In every man He makes Himself known in a distinctive way.

Our Father’s main objective is to see us soar like eagles liberated from the gravity of appearances to be to free to walk boldly in faith trusting ourselves as perfect manifestations of His humble divinity. His desires are like a consuming fire and everything He has resolved according to His own free counsel will see its completion despite any evidence of the contrary.

The same consuming fire has He endowed on every son. This eternal flame scorches off self effort and any constraining illusion of independent self until the creation sighs of relief witnessing another safe son step forward confidently emanating the kind of love that words into being the Eternal Love’s desires.

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1 Response to Eternal Love

  1. Megan says:

    This post BURNS with the Father’s heart! Thank you Ole, you have and continue to bless me greatly.

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