Theology or Love?

We often might get the impression that our authenticity as Christians is evaluated by others on the background of our theology.  However, Jesus never said that should be our measuring stick. In fact that is a miserable way of assessing a person’s standings with Christ. The Pharisees utilized this method in their encounters with Jesus, but every time they came out as fools. Jesus said that a good tree would be known by its fruit. There is, however, only one good tree in the universe. When Paul lists the fruit of the Spirit those qualities he mentions are a perfect description of the inherent traits of God. How come those qualities will be manifested in our lives as a witness of our authenticity? Since it is only one who is good, according to Jesus, those qualities are manifested in mortal flesh because Christ is in the believer. His life is bound to seep out of His friends. Paul plainly stated that no one has a perfect theology. Every one of us sees in parts. Love, however, is perfected in us and it wells forth with an unswerving fortitude.

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1 Response to Theology or Love?

  1. Katarina says:

    Yes, Amen!!!

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