Sinless Perfection

If we are to call ourselves true fundamentalists we are forced to take into consideration and ultimately have an unwavering faith in the Biblical principle of sinless perfection. The opposite, sinful imperfection, might seem from an earthly perspective to be closer to the truth, and is thus the prevailing idea in most churches.  When Jesus said: “Be you perfect as your Father is perfect” he was not kidding around. That was not a call to fervent self effort, but a statement of a soon to be actual reality for whosoever entered His kingdom through faith. It was a call not to live by sight, but to live by faith. John had the nerve to say that as He is, not was, so are we in this word. Every quality we attach to the ascended Christ is also true about us, John asserts. Life at its fullest is found in this almost absurd notion that there is nothing wrong with me, but that I am perfected through a once and for all sacrifice.

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