Stand up and Walk

I don’t think Peter knew how profound his words were when he healed the crippled beggar by exclaiming: “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” Recently filled by the Spirit he and the other disciples with boldness expressed the new power which had found a dwelling place in their cleansed temples.

At that time Peter couldn’t have apprehended the full scope of the words he uttered. It wasn’t until later that he received the revelation that the gospel was for the Gentiles as well. It was Paul who was elected to receive the full revelation of the union life, which would propel Paul to take the leap of faith where he completely indentified himself with our Father and perceived that he was an expression of Christ in his form. This is what Norman Grubb calls the total truth of our being, recognizing the Other as the source of our workings and doings.

It was most likely Paul who passed on his revelation to Peter. We find that Peter in one of his letters alludes to this when he mentions that some of the things Paul writes in his letters are difficult for many to comprehend. Despite Peter’s ignorance about the union life in the beginning of his ministry the Spirit spoke those faith words of healing through him for a special purpose. Unfortunately, many have interpreted his utterance as a magic formula on how to minister healing to people. However, that was not the Spirit’s intention.

Those words plainly symbolize that when we recognize Christ within we understand that we operate in His resurrection power as His representatives on this planet. This identification from the Spirit’s standpoint is so inclusive that He beholds us as perfect expressions of the divine life, and thus ambassadors for Christ who boldly can speak words of faith with the authority of the Father spontaneously when it swells up in us. As Paul and Peter we also can enter this fixed inner spirit reality of who we really are when that illusion of self improvement is shattered. However, as was the case for Peter we don’t need to have a full understanding of this to be used mightily by God to further His kingdom.

Let us now take this a step further. We know by experience and many witnesses that God still heals, and that is wonderful. There is, however, an issue that is far more important than physical healing. There are plenty of Christians who still are crippled by condemnation and self introspection. They are rendered lame and cannot walk in the freedom Christ purchased for everyone of us who believe in His name. We are thus commissioned, as Peter so vividly demonstrated, to talk our word of faith to those who are crippled by law and self effort to walk in Him!

That is the real healing that will last throughout eternity!

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